Friday, 17 March 2017

My new favourite post-workout snack

post-workout snack, healthy, taste inc, chicken fillet

This year I started kickboxing classes, plus working out more at home (although I should do more of that!) but I always struggle with finding the best foods to eat before and after a workout, particularly after. 

By the time I get home from my kickboxing class, it's about 9:30pm and I'm usually pretty hungry at that point and my body ready to re-fuel. But of course it's far too late to cook anything and I usually find a protein shake a bit too much at that time too. 
So when I heard about Taste Inc Chargrilled Chicken Fillets* I was pretty eager to try them out!

post-workout snack, healthy, taste inc, chicken fillet
post-workout snack, healthy, taste inc, chicken fillet

100% chargrilled chicken fillets, high in protein, low in saturated fat, salt and carbs and only 45 calories per portion (52 cals for the spicy version) they make THE perfect post-workout snack!

Ready to eat straight from the fridge, the mini fillets are quick and easy to reach for when I get in from my class and they're super tasty. They're the perfect size too, not too heavy and fill me up just nicely before I settle down for bed.

I've also used the spicy fillets heated up with some steamed veg for dinner before a workout and the kids loved them too. And of course I'm happy knowing they're eating good quality, healthy tender chicken breast! Mummy thumbs up!

In fact, I'm a bit gutted now they've ran out! ;)

post-workout snack, healthy, taste inc, chicken fillet

Taste Inc Chargrilled Chicken Fillets are available from Nisa, Ocado and Morrisons in packs of 5 at £2.70 (and also available individually).

What do you enjoy as a post-workout snack?

*I received these snacks for the purpose of this review.
All words and opinions are, as always, my own.

What Does Mother's Day Mean To You?

Is it an excuse to spend time with your Mum, spoil her and thank her for everything she has done for you? Or will you be spending the day squeezing your little ones tight, feeling grateful for everything you have around you? Or spoiling the mother of your children for doing an amazing job?

I don't have an amazingly close relationship with my Mum, unfortunately. I'm always very jealous of those that do. I will of course still buy her a thoughtful gift and card. But for me, Mother's Day is about me and my babies. After recently separating from my partner, I'm not in high hopes for a day of treats or being spoilt but I will be spending the day holding my babies close and enjoying spending quality time with them, remembering just how very lucky I am to have my boys.

What are you treating your mum's / mothers of your children to this Mother's Day? 

Truprint have put together some great ideas, if you're needing a bit of inspiration!

I like to buy, and receive, personal gifts for Mother's Day; something to commemorate special memories, something special, thoughtful from the children. I've always just received last minute gifts such as flowers and chocolates, but one day I hope to receive something that some real thought has gone in to. That would be so special. 

I love photo books! I used to love looking through photo albums as a child and nowadays, we take so many photos on our phones, they often get lost in the camera roll or uploaded on to social media and forgotten about. Photo books are the modern day photo album, easy to upload on to a website and delivered to your door. They're lovely to look back on and share with family members. 

Memories are priceless. 

You can create a personalised photo book online at

However you spend your Mother's Day this Sunday 26th March, 
I hope you have a fantastic one! 

*In collaboration with Truprint
All words and opinions are my own

Monday, 13 March 2017

The Full Monty, UK Tour

theatre, the full monty
Credit: @FullMontyPlay

What do you do when you're having a pretty awful week and you need cheering up? 

You grab a girlfriend and you head off to the theatre for some wine (and cake! Press perks! ;) ), some giggles and some... almost naked men! And that's exactly what I did last week.

The Full Monty by Simon Beaufoy was at the De Montfort Hall all week, and is now moving on to a theatre near you. 

Directed by Jack Ryder, yes THAT Jack Ryder (think Jamie Mitchell in EastEnders) and with a cast headed by Gary Lucy (Hollyoaks, EastEnders, Footballers Wives...) and including well known faces such as Hollyoaks' Kai Owen, Brookside's Louis Emerick, Dinnerladies' Andrew Dunn and Hollyoaks' Chris Fountain, you're set up for a good night.

Based on the 1997 British comedy-drama film, The Full Monty has been adapted for the stage and taken on tour around the UK. And after recently celebrating their 500th show, the cast still seem to be enjoying the run.

Set in Sheffield, the story is based around six unemployed men, four of them laid off steel workers, in the late 80's when Margaret Thatcher's right-ring policies led to once successful steel mills being shut down. The men decide to form a male striptease act, to raise some money.

theatre, the full monty
Credit: @FullMontyPlay

Touching on serious issues such as unemployment, suicide, fathers rights and body confidence, there are some real 'pull on your heart strings' moments, as well as the expected belly-laugh occasions. 

I won't lie, as a big Hollyoaks fan growing up, I was rather excited to see the lovely Chris Fountain, after his recent absence from the world of showbiz and was getting a little impatient throughout the first half, but right before the curtain fell for the half way break, Chris, playing cheeky Guy arrived on stage and made up for the wait by dropping his pants! ;) All was forgiven!

Things got a little confusing at times as the backdrop didn't change too much throughout the whole performance, it was often difficult to work out where they were supposed to be, but otherwise the story was spot on; all the important, memorable bits were in there. (Who could forget THAT moment in the dole queue!!)

The whole performance led up to the well-anticipated moment where things changed from stage play, to show time, where the six men gave us a full on strip tease performance, much to the excitement of the whooping, screaming audience; finishing with them going the FULL MONTY just as the lights went up! 

It was the perfect feel good show! 
Grab your girl friends and head over to a theatre near you before it finishes in April. Read more about the UK Tour and check out the last few venues here.

De Montfort Hall, Leicester has some amazing shows coming up this year, including Flashdance, Blood Brothers, family favourite Gangsta Granny, and my favourite; Dirty Dancing!! 
You can check out what's on here

Have you been to the theatre lately?

*Many thanks to Cool As Leicester for the press tickets for this performance.
All words and opinions are, as always, my own.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Messy? Tidy? Blame Your Horoscope!

Are you a bit messy? Or do you like things perfectly tidy and organised?

Apparently you can blame your star sign for this, as the clever people at Furniture At Work say that your organisation skills are all down to your horoscope... 

I'm an Aquarius and it's definitely true that I think about fun first and mess later. I can be pretty messy but I do like everywhere to be clean. A little clutter never hurt anyone! ;) I'm not so sure my desk is messy on Monday but picks up around Wednesday, I'll be honest it's most likely to still be messy by the end of the week!! haha. But I most definitely belong in the 'Signs of Mayhem' section! 

I work from home and a lot of work is done on my dining table. I'll be honest, my kids often have to eat their dinner next to a pile of laundry, a laptop and half a dozen parcels! And while I do my best to keep my dressing table tidy, it's usually sprawled with makeup, brushes and cotton pads.

Yes, I think they've got it right here! I'm a messy Aquarian. But it's not my fault of course... my horoscope made me do it!

How about you? Is it true for you?

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