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Beauty | Aromawakening: Dead Sea Salt Scrub

I love a good scrub, if you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know this. I have no time for those 'exfoliating' creams with the tiny micro beads in that you can hardly feel on your skin. Nope, I want to actually feel the scrub scrubbing my skin. 
I exfoliate my skin every 3 days, it's a big part of my routine. Exfoliation is super important, to remove dead skin cells, especially in this cold weather for turning winter-weary skin to smooth, radiant, fresh skin.

I've been trying out a new scrub over the past couple of weeks. 
Introducing Aromawakening's Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Aromawakening say...
'This invigorating blend of Dead Sea Salt & Organic Oils gives a spa like treatment at a fraction of the cost. I love the beautifying benefits of dead sea salt. It has been used for generations to heal a number of skin conditions due to its mineral rich content. Scrubbing with sea salt stimulates the circulation, drawing out impurities and removing toxins from the skin. The anti-bacterial action of this scrub helps to prevent breakouts and is great for treating mild to moderate acne. Almond and Sunflower seed oils are loaded with skin loving vitamins, these soften and nourish the skin. This recipe contains Organic Lavender & Rosemary Essential oils which are fresh herbaceous and uplifting.'

The lovely people at Aromawakening, a small business specialising in natural, organic skincare & vegan soap, sent me a lovely parcel of goodies to try out.  
It arrived packaged in this cute cardboard and tied with straw, giving it a real homemade, country feel, making this a perfect gift!
Removing the packaging revealed a glass jar, with the information on one side. How lovely!!
I just love the way this scrub feels on my skin. Even though it's pure sea salt, it doesn't feel too rough or harsh, it has a happy medium between sea salt and oils, meaning my skin is being scrubbed, working it's magic to smooth out my skin, and also being protected, nourished and moisturised by the yummy almond oils. 
Usually, after a scrub like this, I need to work extra hard at moisturising afterwards, but the oils left on my skin meant moisturising wasn't a necessary - which was great news since I'd ran out of my beloved body butter last week!! :) 
On the other hand, the oils didn't feel overly oily or greasy on my skin. It sunk into my skin just nicely.
I'm a huge fan of this scrub, it's amazing stuff. And knowing that it's not only removing and renewing my skin, it also contains fab ingredients to draw out any nasty impurities and toxins and preventing breakouts. I grew up suffering with quite bad Keratosis Pilaris (also known as Chicken Skin) on the tops of my legs and arms, I still get it on my arms now and then, hence why exfoliating is of big importance for me. I believe that this scrub would've really helped my skin growing up, I wish I'd have stumbled upon this as a teenage girl!! :)
The only negative I can find of this product is the fragrance. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't smell bad. But lavender, for me, reminds me of, hmm, how can I describe it, it's a scent more suited to older people I think. That said, it's still a fantastic scrub, one of the best I've tried in a long time. It's a real treat for the feet, knees and elbows!! :)

Would I Recommend It?
Oh most definitely. I think this scrub would suit pretty much everyone. But particularly those that may suffer with breakouts due to the anti-bacterial action. It would also make for a great gift, as the jar and packaging are amazingly cute!!

Would I Repurchase It?
Yes I would! As a treat now and then, I'll definitely be picking a jar up in the future!!

Aromawakening's Dead Sea Salt Scrub in Rosemary & Lavender is available for £8.95 at 

*PR Sample - Sent to me for review

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