Sunday, 17 November 2013

Life | My Week [Nov10-16]

Hiyaaa!! :)

It's been a COOOOOLLLLD week right!! Winter is well and truly on it's way! Brr!! 
It hasn't been a very exciting week, just got up to the usual really! Other than making Christmas plans. I've been trying to get back on track and on top of my work load at work, it really set me back having those 2 weeks off after my surgery last month. I'm feeling the strain on my wage packet too!! :\

I also started a brand new Blogger Project this week, based around Skincare. To find out more, read my introduction post.

I've been really slacking with my night time skincare routine this week. When it gets cold I get much more tired and while I usually begin my routine by using a make up wipe [dont judge me! ;)], as I find it's the best way to remove my eye make up, I then follow with the whole cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream & moisturiser. But this week I've been really lazy and just fallen sleep after the quick wipe! I really need to get back on it this week!!

Spending Ban Update - Okay so I kinda failed! I'd ran out of body butter, and I hadn't used any for over a week and I was desperate for some!! I mean, c'mon - body butter is as important as your 5 a day! ;) ...And I also picked up a Sleek Contour Kit I'd been after, but ssh! ;)

Some pictures from this week...
On the way home from the in-laws on Sunday, I convinced James to nip onto the M1 so we can pick up some Krispy Kremes from the service station, yum yum!! :) | So I started #TheSkinProject this week - are YOU getting involved? | I won a Freebie Friday competition on Twitter from the lovely Miners Cosmetics, who sent me these yummy Cocktail flavoured lip glosses, yay!! | Bradley came home from his Dad's Thursday evening telling me he had to wear something spotty to school for Children In Need, we didn't have the time to decorate anything so we quickly stuck coloured sticker dots onto a school top - perfect! ;)

Favourite Product of the Week...
I've been using Aromawakening's Dead Sea Salt Scrub this week, it's AMAZING stuff, look out for a full review post later in the week. 

Favourite Fragrance of the Week...
Can't get enough of Soap & Glory's Butter Yourself body lotion - yum yum!!

Favourite Bit of the Week...
The best bits this week have simply been times that I've snuggled up in the warm with my boys <3

What I Learnt this Week...
Not to let irrelevant people affect me or my life..

Song of the Week...
I've been listening to the Disney CD at work this week and one of my most favourite Disney songs is 'Reflection' by Mulan. Christina Aguilera sings it, it's such a lovely song - I've been singing it all week!!

Favourite Blogpost of the Week...
I've been on the hunt for a new shampoo & conditioner that'll help my dry hair and rescue my bleached ends, after reading That's Peachy's Tor's John Frieda Hydrate & Rescue Deep Conditioner post, she explains how her hair felt better, shinier and how she felt a difference in her bleached ends, this sounds exactly what I need so I went out the next day and purchased the Full Repair shampoo & conditioner in the hope that it'd do the same for me. I'm hoping it's decent stuff - I'll let you know how I get on.

Favourite TV of the Week...
I came to the end of my lil Netflix addiction - Samantha Who. I loved these series, I may even do a post about it soon!

Favourite Tweet of the Week...
'My lovely gift from the lovely . so happy!🎁' - @meganmanneh
I sent my Secret Santa gift this week, and Megan seemed so chuffed with it, it made my week she liked it!! :)

Catch up on this weeks blogposts...

Wrap up warm this week guys, it's gonna be a cold one!!!

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