Sunday, 24 November 2013

Life - My Week [Nov17-24]

Hey beauties,

I actually think this week has flew by! It's turned immensley cold this week, I'm not a fan of this weather - wahhh!!! 
Had some positive news this week, hopefully I'll be able to share it with you soon - but just keep your  fingers crossed for me for the next few months!! 

I've been trying to get my Christmas shopping together this week, it's coming together nicely, still a way to go though!
We went to see the Christmas lights being switched on in town last Sunday, it was really nice - I'm really beginning to get into the Christmas spirit, so we've thrown on a few Christmas movies this week too :)

This week also marked an occasion that bought back my teenage years - ticket stress!! Tickets went on sale for my boys the Backstreet Boys this week. They've been a massive part of my life since I was 12-13, and the stress of getting decent tickets to see them this week took me right back!! :)

Also went to see The Hunger Games Catching Fire this weekend, I enjoyed it. Although I wish I'd have re-watched the 1st one beforehand to remind me of the story line.

I'm looking forward to my blog project #TheSkinProject going live tonight at 6pm - I hope you decided to get involved!! :)

Spending Ban Update - So I bought a Lush Snow Fairy last weekend - but hey, it's one of the most important purchases of the season!! :) So I failed again. Oops. But I have Emma's #EastMidsMeetUp next weekend, followed by The Clothes Show the following weekend which I'll be having a major splurge at. But I think I've done pretty well lately ;)

Some pictures from this week...
James & I at the Christmas Light switch on | My 2 amazing boys at the Christmas Light switch on | Lush Snow Fairy | The busy high street during the Christmas Light switch on 

Favourite Product of the Week...
I've been using John Frieda's Full Repair shampoo & conditioner, and it's made my hair feel super soft! Definitely my favourite product this week!

Favourite Fragrance of the Week...
I've been loving using my The Body Shop Choco Mania Shower Cream this week, it's the most perfect and yummy fragrance for this season - it smells like hot chocolate it the bath - love it!! :)

Favourite Bit of the Week...
Getting some positive news, big weight off my shoulders. Snuggling with my boys watching Christmas movies. 

What I Learnt this Week...
There might be a light at the end of the tunnel after all. Fingers crossed. 

Song of the Week...
Backstreet Boys new single - 'Show Em What You Made Of'. The boys were here in the UK last weekend promoting their new single. Unfortunately I couldn't go down and see them, which I was a bit gutted about as I haven't seen them ages!

Favourite TV of the Week...
Well it has to be 'I'm A Celeb' right - I've been loving Joey Essex, he's just hilarious! 

Favourite Tweet of the Week...
'I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday'@Laughbook 
Says it all. 

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Have a fab week guys!!

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