Sunday, 10 November 2013

Life | My Week [Nov2-9]

Hey beauties,

How was your week?
Mine wasn't too bad, I feel like it went quite fast actually. I didn't do much at all, just work really - then the usual house & mummy duties. 
I've felt a lot better emotionally, and felt better able to deal with any stressful or low points.
James got some good news in terms of work. Yay. He's been through a lot over the past year, it's been a tough year for him, but he's worked hard to turn things around. He's doing well for himself and working hard for our future and for that I'm really proud of him.
I got some bad news in terms of other stuff. But I'm trying to stay positive and move forwards.

I announced the winner of my GIVEAWAY this week, to win some fab anti-ageing goodies and the winner was Laura Foster - @Lura89 - Well done lovely!!!

Spending Ban Update - STILL haven't bought any beauty products!! I'm doing really well!! It's been quite hard this week as I've ran out of eye cream :( But I'm determined not to buy any beauty products until The Clothes Show ;)

Some pictures from this week...
I sent my Secret Santa present this week - I wonder if the recipient is a follower of my blog and sees this! ;) | A lil selfie - I quite like the filter of this pic, my skin looks pretty damn flawless ;) | This is how happy I was that it was Saturday :) | I got my baby niece a lil bauble made for Christmas. Although it was meant to say 'Summer's First Christmas' - I'm not quite sure why the 's' is missing :\ 
Yummy Cocktails - Zoom (tastes just like rocket lollies) & Cherry Cola, yum! | My Mr at Coast To Coast | Nails of the week - Greige by Accessorize

Favourite Product of the Week...
I'm currently trying to get my hair in better condition, so I've been using my hair oil on my dry hair daily rather than just when I wash it. I'm using Organix Moroccan Argan Oil at the mo, and really liking how it makes my hair feel!

Favourite Fragrance of the Week...
I've been trying out quite a few Yankee Candles tarts on my oil burner over the past couple of weeks, some have been so nice, some over powering and some I couldn't even smell. But I'm LOVING Snowflake Cookie - OMG it's yummy!!!

Favourite Bit of the Week...
Saturday night was date night, James & I went out for food and drinks at an American Restaurant & Bar called Coast to Coast, was lovely to get out and have a giggle and chat away from home. Then we got home, snuggled up and caught up on XFactor. Was a really nice night. <3

What I Learnt this Week...
To stay positive, to keep going and look forward.

Song of the Week...
I'm loving Little Mix's new one - 'Move'. It's so catchy!!

Favourite Blogpost of the Week...
It has to be the British Beauty Blogger's post Urban Decay Naked 3 including pics and swatches from the new Naked 3 palette which I'm very excited about getting my hands on!! 
Note to James: The new Naked3 Palette is being released just before Christmas *Wink wink* ;)

Favourite TV of the Week...
I had a bit of a TOWIE marathon on Friday night, sat with my hot water bottle & tub of Ben & Jerrys :)

Favourite Tweet of the Week...
'Good things will come to you if you focus on the positives and forget the negatives.' - @ILLUMINATI

Catch up on this weeks blogposts...

Have a fab week lovelies!!!

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  1. Ha I hope James sees your posts and picks up on the hint, just incase he doesn't here is another hint - URBAN DECAY 3 Palette!!
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Haha yes I did tell him there was a little message for him in the post!! ;)


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