Tuesday, 19 November 2013

#TheWinterProject - Winter Accessories

Welcome to my second post of The Winter Project, founded and set up by Kellie from Blog95Beauty.

Read my introduction post to find out more about the project:
#TheWinterProject - Introduction

#TheWinterProject - Winter Nails  

So today we're looking at Winter Accessories...

Winter Accessories

HOW cute are they!!! Love them all. My current favourites right now are...

I love my leather gloves from Primark, they're perfect for everyday wear and keep my hands snuggly warm! 

This big chunky knit snood is also from Primark, I needed a new one and picked it up during a big winter accessory shop in Primark a few weeks back.

I love woollen headbands, I have a few and this is one also from Primark with a cute little bow.

Fingerless mittens are perfect, as they keep your fingers nice and warm but allowing your fingers easy access for when you need them! ;)

That's my take on Winter Accessories. Join me next week to talk Winter Scents.
Remember to use the twitter hashtag #TheWinterProject to read more Winter Accessories posts from the other bloggers taking part in this project.

Feel free to comment with your links to your Winter Accessories posts as part of #TheWinterProject.

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  1. Are those gloves from primark this year's? There just what I've been looking for. Mines at Onestopsavvy.blogspot.co.uk I would love if you could re follow me on bloglovin as I've lost all my lovely followers and change my link for your #the skin project as I don't want to miss out being involved. Thanks hun xxx

    1. Yes they're from Primark :)
      Are you still on the same email address hun? All correspondence re. #TheSkinProject will be thru the mailing list :)

    2. Yes still the same onestopsavvy@hotmail.co.uk give it you just in case xxx

  2. Gloves! That is what I need for the winter! (: The leather ones are so adorable!

  3. Lovely post! I love all the things you've talked about! I'm looking forward to next weeks scent posts, I've really enjoyed writing mine!
    Here's my link for tonight's post! http://thebeautyspotbloguk.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/the-winter-project-winter-accessory/


  4. Love the big chunky knit snood! Making us feel Christmassy - warm & cosy accessories :-) Look forward to your Winter scents next week :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

  5. Some great choices! Loving big scarves and leather gloves too! :)


  6. reading your blog in the middle of an a english level english lesson - oops! this blog is super cute i love the wintery snood! xxxx

    1. Ha, glad I kept you occupied during your lesson ;)

  7. I love my woollen headband! It keeps my ears warmer than beanies do. Looking forward to meeting you at the East Midlands meet up!

    Style Blog // Photography Blog // Photography Facebook

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog!
    Don't you just love this project?! I love to read everyone else's post on it, all these accessories you've picked are fab!

    Looking forward to tomorow post! :)



    1. Thanks hun looking forward to checking everyones out too!! :)


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