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#TheWinterProject - Winter Scents

Welcome to my second post of The Winter Project, founded and set up by Kellie from Blog95Beauty.

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So today we're looking at Winter Scents...

In terms of perfume, these 2 make me think of 'Winter' over other fragrances in my collection. I think it's probably down to these being bought for me for Christmas and therefore wearing them lots over the Winter period. I always seem to choose these over others during this time of year.

D&G 3 L'Imperatrice  (£38.50) is a gorgeous fragrance. It's feminine, classy and lasts forever!! 
Jimmy Choo (£33.50) is another feminine, floral scent that's perfect for every day wear.

These 2 beauties are just perfect for Winter! Especially 'Snow Fairy' - I'm expecting this lil madam to pop up in many of these posts. I broke my Spending Ban to get my hands on this! ;)

The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream (£2.00) smells good enough to eat - it's like having a bath in hot chocolate. Well, you get my jist! ;) It's made with real cocoa butter and has an amazing chocolately scent - perfect for cold winter nights!!
Lush Snow Fairy (£6.85) is an adorable creamy pink shower gel that smells of bubble gum and candy floss yumminess! Only available over the Christmas period, the smell of Snow Fairy just screams 'Winter'!! It's amazing stuff!! 

Yankee Candles do some amazing scents over the Winter period. Read my Seasonal Lust List post for some fab ideas. I picked up some of their wax tarts for my burner. They don't last very long at all, but they're a cheaper alternative and it's good to try the tarts out before splashing out on the bigger candles. Burn them for a few hours and the fragrance lingers around your home for days afterwards.

Salted Caramel (£1.25) - this was a bit overpowering. It's quite a sweet, vanilla caramel scent. The after smell was nice and lingered around my home for a day or so afterwards, but whilst it was burning it did smell a bit too much.
Snowflake Cookie (£1.25) - this is a yummy cookies and icing scent, one of my favourites!!
Honey & Spice (£1.25) - I got this as it was on offer, but we didn't really like it. It wasnt a great fragrance.
Merry Marshmallow (£1.25) - I've yet to use this one, but I'm looking forward to it - I'm promised yummy marshmallow and vanilla which sounds lush! 

That's my take on Winter Scents. Join me next week to talk Christmas Present Idea.
Remember to use the twitter hashtag #TheWinterProject to read more Winter Scents posts from the other bloggers taking part in this project.

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  1. Salted Caramel and Marry Marshmallow sound lovely!!
    I included some Yankee candles and the Snow fairy by Lush in my weeks post too!

  2. Snow Fairy for me is an all round scent as I stock up on the shower gel so I don't run out ha x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  3. I love snow fairy and Yankee candle scents! Fab post :)


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