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#TheSkinProject - Toning

Welcome to my fourth post of #TheSkinProject - founded and set up by myself. 

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So let's talk Toning...

Why is toning important?

If you don't use a toner, chances are you've seen them on the shelves but are not exactly sure what they do or think you don't need one. 

Toning is actually an important 2nd step to complete the cleansing process. A toner will remove any remaining bits of dirt, make up and leftover cleanser. It can freshen up, soothe, nourish and prepare skin ready for your next skincare step. There really is no point in smothering your skin in an expensive moisturiser if your skin isn't completely clean and prepped ready to receive it, in order for it to work properly. Apply a toner both morning and evening on a cotton pad after cleansing. Follow with a serum & moisturiser. 

Types of toner:

Fresheners - mildest form of toner, contain virtually no alcohol, helps to keep moisture in the skin,  tighten the skin, often include ingredients such as green tea and caffeine, suitable for dry, normal & sensitive skin.

Toners - can contain upto 20% alcohol, often contain moisturising, nourishing oils and hydrating properties to soothe and smooth the skin, suitable for normal, combination & oily skin.
Astringents - strongest form of toner, contain 20-60% of alcohol, tighten the skin pores removing excess oils,  suitable for acne prone, oily, combination & normal skin.


I admit, I only started using toners a few months ago, after doing a skincare post I realised just how poor my skincare routine was so I introduced toners into both my morning & evening routines. And I will admit, I have noticed a difference since. My skin is most definitely clearer and brighter.

Let me take you through what I use:

In the morning after cleansing, I usually applied Lush's Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water (£3.95) on a cotton pad. I chose Lush as I know I'm getting completely natural ingredients and essential oils, a simple, refreshing toner. It contains a blend of sea water to hydrate and soften my skin and seaweed and aloe gel finish the product off perfectly to delicately coat the skin to lock in moisture and prevent further dehydration. It's a fab little product to have for quick spritzes throughout the day and during long journeys. 

BUT, I recently realised that this product contains something I can't use right now. So I've had to stop using it. So disappointed as I LOVE it! I've passed it onto a friend to get some love out of it instead. And I've started using my Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic (£13.25) which I have as part of a Liz Earle set I purchased recently. I've only been using it a couple of days so can't comment on it as yet, but it claims to be a non-drying, alcohol free toner that refreshes, soothes and adds a fine layer of moisture. And so far so good! :)

In the evening I use a stronger toner, Skinetica's Anti-Blemish Super Toner* (£7.00). If you've followed my blog for a while you'll know that I'm a big fan!! After receiving a sample size bottle in a beauty box and using them on blemishes and spots I fell in love with it, I received some full size bottles in goody bags and I decided to try it out as a toner. It is an amazing anti-blemish product, ridding of blemishes super quick and since using as a toner, I've hardly had any blemishes at all! It removes all skin impurities and only contains 18% of alcohol. 

So, that's my take on Toners. Join me next week to talk Serum
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*PR Sample or Gifted Product

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  1. Those anti-blemish toners look like something I'd be interested in trying. But I agree after using toners regularly blemishes occur less often but it's nice to have for when they do.
    Great post!

    I'd love it if you could check mine out

    Thank you

    x x

  2. Another great post Lianne :-) Very helpful.

    x Roch & Tash x


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