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#TheSkinProject - Eye Cream

Welcome to my sixth post of #TheSkinProject - founded and set up by myself. 

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So let's talk Eye Creams...

What is Eye Cream?
Eye Creams are specially formulated moisturisers for use around the eye area that help reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and signs of ageing, reduce dark circles and help firm the skin. 

Why is using an Eye Cream important?
The skin around the eye area is different from the rest of our faces, it's much thinner, more sensitive and has fewer oil and water glands. Therefore it needs a little more moisturisation that your usual facial moisturiser or night cream just won't do. Using an eye cream will hopefully help delay the signs of ageing or at least hide them, temporarily. 
As we age, our skin glands start to produce less sebum, or oil and dryness around the eye area can mean that lines and wrinkles appear most prominent - an eye cream should prevent dryness and fill the spaces between the skin cells to reduce the appearance of any lines, temporarily. 
A good eye cream will help to plump, soften and refresh the eye area and help temporarily hide the signs of ageing. 
If you're struggling on whether an eye cream is for you, or which to get, ask yourself if there are any problem areas around your eye area, concentrate on these problem areas and choose an eye cream that target these problems. 

I only introduced an eye cream into my routines a few months ago. The skin around my eyes are showing small signs of ageing, I have a few lines and I also really dislike the skin tone and colouring around my eye area and am constantly on the look out for a decent light reflecting concealer to help the look of them.
I tend to use a lot of sample size eye creams and gels and ones I receive in goody bags and beauty boxes to get the feel for a few different types and see what I like using.

I'm currently using the Pure Eye Roll On* (£5.95 RRP) in the mornings. It is a cucumber and caffeine roll on, enriched with cucumber extract and caffeine to help soothe and stimulate tired skin under the eyes and to reduce appearance of under eye bags. The roll on is lovely and cold on the skin and really wakes my eyes up in the morning. It was a little different to using a cream, but I like the feel of my under eye skin after use.

In the evenings I've been using Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Eye Gel Cream* (£32.00), a friend gave me a trial size to try out. It claims to help reduce the appearance of signs of fatigue around the eye area. 

The skin around my eye area feels smoother, firmer and I do notice a temporary difference in the appearance of lines, so I will continue to use eye creams in my skincare routine.

So, that's my take on Eye Creams. Join me next week to talk Moisturiser
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*PR Sample or Gifted Product

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