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Life | My Week [Feb16-23]

Hi lovelies,

Firstly, thank you for bearing with me these past few months while I had a bit of a break from blogging, if you saw my post yesterday you will have found out why I've been so poorly lately. I couldn't even look at the computer screen, I've pretty much spent the past few months dozing on the sofa in front of the TV, I just couldn't function properly. 

Now it's starting to subside, and most days I'm feeling a lot more human, I'm glad to get back on top of my blog... I have missed it!

So, back to this week.
It was half term this week. James & I were off to Paris so Bradley was off up North to stay with James' sister and his 'cousins' for a few days. So we had a bit of a Mummy/Bradley fun weekend before he went, where we squeezed in some shopping, treats, lunch and cinema fun.
I was really nervous about travelling to Paris. I'd literally stopped being constantly sick only a few days before, and travelling was often when I felt my worst. After being sick all over myself whilst driving through Asda car park a few weeks back, I was constantly worried. James won't fly anywhere if he can find another way around it, so I had a coach journey down to London and a Eurostar to Paris to look forward to. I armed myself with water, mints, spare plastic bags & my travel bands and I'm happy to say I managed the whole trip without being sick, although it was touch and go a few times on the coach journey home!! 

Paris was amazing, such a lovely city.
I got a bit annoyed that pretty much everyone seemed to assume that us visiting Paris meant we'd gone to get engaged. At first it was funny, but by the second day I couldn't post a picture of the bloody Eiffel Tower without waking up to 19 comments, 4 texts and a tweet making a comment about us getting engaged. It actually felt quite uncomfortable. It's not in our plan right now and the trip away was to celebrate my 30th Birthday & Valentines Day, and as a bit of a treat for us after such a tough year. 
But that aside, we had a lovely few days. It was nice for us to spend a bit of time together, stress free, nausea free!! ;) The food was amazing, so fresh and good quality. And everywhere is so beautiful and romantic. Our hotel was lovely, we had a view of the Eiffel Tower from our window, it was a 5 minute walk from the Tower and 3-4min walk from the Metro, so we pretty much had the city at our finger tips! We'd planned to go to the original 'Love Lock' bridge next to the Notre Dame castle, attach our padlock and throw the keys into the river which was so lovely. 
I wanted to get a bit more shopping done than I managed, but my feet were absolutely ruined, I had blisters on top of blisters and I was exhausted! I did manage to drag James around Sephora though! Never too tired for that! ;)

I've been super tired since we got back. I think, after being so poorly and not doing much for the past few months, the trip really took it out of me, so I've been resting a lot this weekend. I start at my new workplace tomorrow so wish me luck with that!! 

Some pictures from this week...

Favourite Beauty Product of the Week...
I've always looked after my lips and so never really suffered with dry, chapped lips. But this pregnancy has taken every bit of goodness from me and every bit of my body has suffered lol. My lips have been really dry and I've never been far from a pot of lip balm because of it. One of my favourites to use this week is my Carmex Original Lip Balm Pot (£2.55). It doesn't smell too great but it feels lovely and moisturising and is long lasting. It leaves a nice sheer finish for a natural lip so I've often gone without lipstick/gloss and I've been reaching for it every morning this week. 

Favourite item of Clothing this Week...
This is going to sound really lame, but honestly it has to be the maternity tights I practically lived in this week in Paris [Not the same pair, obv! ;)] With all the walking around, travelling and attempting to dress up during the evenings, ASOS Maternity Tights with Support Band (£8.00) were so comfy and so easy to pop on with a dress for day time and evenings. Probably a rubbish answer but totally truthful! :)

Favourite Fragrance of the Week...
I haven't managed to wear any fragrances the past few months as I was too nauseous and couldn't cope, so this week is probably the first week I've managed to use any of the perfumes I received for Christmas! I've been using my Chanel Chance (£66.50) a lot this week, it's my favourite Chanel fragrance, I love it!

Favourite Bit of the Week...
Announcing our pregnancy in Paris this week. It was so overwhelming to receive all the lovely comments and likes.

Song of the Week...
I don't think I have a favourite song this week.

Favourite TV of the Week...
We watched the film 'Now You See Me' on the Eurostar on the way home this week, it was so ironic how a lot of it was set in Paris and included all the places we'd just visited, it was a fab film too! Also I was stupidly excited for the return of 'Saturday Night Takeaway' this weekend, can't beat a bit of Ant & Dec! ;)

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Have a fab week guys!!

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