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Life | My Week [Mar24-30]

Hello lovelies!!

Hope you've all had a good week!
Mine started with me being quite poorly [hence why I didn't get around to posting last week] - I had the flu jab and it made me quite ill. I was fine for a couple of days, except a painful dead arm, but come the weekend I had a really bad head, a high temperature and flu like symptoms such as aches and pains, stuffy head and sore throat. It really knocked me out! 

Luckily by Wednesday I was all rested up and ready to take my ever expanding ass, and my lovely boyfriend along to his first Backstreet Boys show. :) Anyone that knows me personally knows that those boys have meant a lot to me for a long time. I've been going to see them pretty much every year, only having ever missed one tour, since 1996 when I was just 12 years old. My teenage years pretty much revolved around them, then as I got older and met some amazing friends through them, I was lucky enough to manage to meet them a fair few times and share some amazing experiences with them, a few nights drinking in 5 star hotel bars, crazy parties, games and cheeky private music previews in their hotel rooms. It's fair to say they've been a big part of my life, even if the majority of people don't quite understand it. 18 years on, at 30 years old, celebrating their almost 21 year anniversary, I was back boogying away to all their classics standing at the front row barrier, with James stood behind me cradling my bump! :) It was nice to take James along, I'd love to introduce him to them one day! :) 

This weekend, we drove down to the South coast for our friends Laura & Andy's wedding. I've known Laura for 8 years, and I was so so happy to see her get married! It was a lovely weekend catching up with friends and their families!

Sunday marked my halfway, 20 week pregnant mark, which is a lovely milestone! Perfect to happen on Mothers Day, and to spend the afternoon with my other little man! <3 
We're looking forward to the detailed scan this week, so hopefully all is going exactly as it should be and I'll be filling you in with good news next week! :)

A few pictures from this week...

Loving a bit of front row action at the Backstreet Boys gig on Wednesday! ;)

James & I waiting for the ceremony to start.

James & I & bump! <3

Laura & Andy - the newlyweds cutting the cake.

Me & my beautiful friends, Alex & Amy.

Favourite Beauty Product of the Week...
I've mixed up my usual foundation choice this week and been using MAC's Studio Sculpt again. I love the smooth, glowy finish it gives. The only downside is it shows up my lines a lot, which my usual foundations don't do.

Favourite item of Clothing this Week...
I bought a maternity dress this week for the wedding, as I was struggling to find  something flattering to wear. I found a lovely dress on online baby store - Beebies Baby Store - I still felt fat and frumpy but the dress was that comfortable, I didn't even change for the evening into a different dress as planned!

Favourite Fragrance of the Week...
I've been using my Herra Hair Perfume lots this week - forgot how much I love that stuff!!

Favourite Bit of the Week...
The Backstreet Boys concert and the wedding! Both fab times!!

Favourite TV of the Week...
I'm loving Revenge this week it's getting really good!! :)

Catch up on this fortnights blogposts...

Have a fab week guys!!

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