Sunday, 27 April 2014

Pregnancy | 23 weeks

How far along? 
23 weeks.

Size of baby?
This week the baby was approx the size of a grapefruit. [length wise] 

Approx 10.5-11.8 inches. 

Any news this week?
We went down to the Isle of Wight this week, was lovely to get away. Bump is growing well!

Being on holiday, I struggled with clothing this week. I now can't get into any of my previous wardrobe, it's all maternity wear from here. Was really hard dressing in different weathers and different situations this week though. Although I was most comfortable in my maxi skirts, so I'm hoping for a bit more warm weather to be able to wear those more often. I love my maternity vest top from Beebies Baby Store which is perfect to layer up with cardigans and wraps, so comfortable!

This week I've been moisturising with the Sanctuary Body Butter (£10.00*) and Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks (£2.10). 

The pains I was experiencing a lot last week have subsided slightly, although I've still been getting them now and then. After reading up about it, it sounds a little more serious than just braxton hicks, so I'm keeping a close eye on it and will bring it up with my midwife this week at my appointment.

Can't get enough sleep! Although getting a little uncomfortable. May have to invest in a special pillow!!

Missing anything? 
Just being able to do things normally :) But I'm loving my bumpage at the mo!! ;)

Oh lots of very strong movement!

Any purchases?:
A few more little outfits. 2 big boxes of newborn nappies, a box of wipes, bottles - making the most of the ASDA Baby & Toddler event! ;)

Best moment this week:

James lying on my tummy chatting away to 
baby while he kicked away at him :)

Worst moment this week: 
Just being uncomfortable and not being able to do as much on holiday.

Food cravings:
Ice lollies!!

Anything making you queasy or sick:


Belly Button in or out? 

Still in, but def changing, its getting smaller in there!! lol



Looking forward to:

Today I reach my 24 week V day milestone! Yay! I also have a midwife appointment this week.

Can't believe I'm now 24 weeks, 16 weeks to go!!

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