Sunday, 18 May 2014

Pregnancy | 26 weeks

How far along? 
26 weeks.

Size of baby?

This week the baby was approx 13.6-14.8 inches, apparently the size of a lettuce.

Any news this week?

I've had a lovely few days resting, and a few busier days. I'm finding that if I have a busy day where I'm doing a lot of walking; I'm getting very tired and uncomfortable and I'm needing to rest up a lot afterwards. I'm starting to 'stretch' a lot which is really uncomfortable, think I'm destined to get stretch marks on top of stretch marks!! 
As I'm 27 weeks today, I have just reached the 3rd trimester!! :)

As the weather has been so lovely this week I've been in my BooHoo maxi skirt [which I wear over my bump], a pair of stretchy leggings or my maternity jeans with a simple cami top from Primark or maternity vest stop from Beebies Baby Store, with a coloured blazer or my River Island sleeveless denim jacket. Everything, even my maternity jeans, are starting to get quite tight though now so I'm going to have to purchase some new maternity leggings and such. I'd also like some flowy maxi dresses, mine are all quite tight which show my massive hips and bum quite a bit! 

This week I've been moisturising daily with both Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion* (£1.49) which I think smells lovely and fresh and sinks into my skin nicely, leaving it feeling soft and moisturised. And of course, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks (£2.10). 

I've started to get some cramps in my legs, and also I've been waking up with a sore throat, from stomach acid and heartburn. I've been getting quite uncomfortable and getting back ache a lot, that I had to get a sleep pillow for night time and a gym ball, which was a god send in my last pregnancy, for hip pain, getting baby in position and also during labour too.

I've been getting quite hot at night lately, and also struggling to get comfy, so as I mentioned, I got a sleep pillow to help.

Missing anything? 
Cheesecake - real, homemade cheesecake! Ahhh!!

Still lots of strong movements!! :) He moves around quite a bit at the moment, changing position lots. Some days I feel movements quite low down, showing me he's breech, then he'll turn sideways on and kick and punch my sides all day long, and sometimes I've felt him on one side kicking my ribs a bit! Little fidget!! :)

Any purchases?:
The Sleep Body Pillow (£11.99) and Pro Fitness Gym Ball (£6.99) from Argos have helped lots this week. I also went a little crazy in Aldi when I realised how cheap, but gorgeous, the baby blankets were! I picked up some cellulars, some soft fluffy blankets, moses basket sheets and a couple of bath towels. I also picked up some little bits from the pound shop such as wash cloths, hats and bath products, and I had some funds in my PayPal account so have ordered a musical play gym from a baby store on eBay.

Best moment this week:
It was James' birthday this week, and his face when he opened a card from 'bump' was lovely! :)

Worst moment this week: 
Last weekend I suffered an anxiety attack which wasnt nice. I wrote a blogpost highlighting Anxiety in Pregnancy, as part of Mental Health Awareness week. 

Food cravings:
haven't really craved too much this week, but I have ate a lot of sugary foods lately!! :/

Anything making you queasy or sick:


Belly Button in or out? 

Still in but stretching a lot and is def on it's way out.



Looking forward to:

We're currently looking into getting our HD Live scan booked for a few weeks time!!

Can't believe I'm now 27 weeks, 13 weeks to go!!

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