Saturday, 24 May 2014

Pregnancy | 27 weeks

How far along? 
27 weeks.

Size of baby?

This week the baby was approx 13.6-14.8 inches, apparently the size of a rutabaga. [I don't know what it is either! ;)]

Any news this week?

I'm carrying a small hippo! I seem to have ballooned these past couple of weeks! I'm huge, feeling huge and am dying to see what I'm measuring as I'm pretty sure I'm measuring bigger than I should be. I weighed myself for the first time since the beginning and I've already put on 1.5 stone!!

I had a bit of a much needed splurge for summer clothes this week, since the weather had been so nice. I picked up 3 maxi dresses and some over the bump maternity leggings from New Look. And a couple of pairs of sandals for my swelling feet, from Primark. I'm in the middle of putting a blog post together showing what I bought, so look out for that.

This week I've been moisturising daily with both Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter (£4.00*) which smells lovely. And of course, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks (£2.10). 

A little acid reflux, but not too bad. Back ache has been a pain this week as I'm getting so big and uncomfortable. 

I've had a few bad nights sleep, especially while the weather has been so warm. I've been sleeping on top of the covers with my sleep pillow for a better nights kip!

Missing anything? 
Whippy ice cream. I think I'm going to order 10 caramel sundaes from McDonalds when the baby is born!! :)

Still lots of strong movements & still changing position a lot.

Any purchases?:
We've bought a few things this week - a Baby Activity Gym/Mat from an eBay Baby Store (£17.99), the I Love My Bear blue bedding set from Babies R Us (£49.99) as it was half price. Bargain! Some Home Nesting Baskets in white, from Asda (£8.00 for 2) for the changing table.

Best moment this week:
Away from the pregnancy, it was Bradley's 10th birthday this week. We had a big party for him and he had a fab birthday!

Worst moment this week: 
Sleepless nights and feeling so exhausted following the busy weekend!

Food cravings:
Cake. Having birthday cake in the house has been a nightmare for me. But OMG it was amazing cake!!!

Anything making you queasy or sick:


Belly Button in or out? 

Still in but stretching a lot and is def on it's way out.


Relaxed. But tired.

Looking forward to:

My 28 week midwife appointment this week, be interesting to see how big I'm measuring now! And our HD Live scan in a few weeks.

Can't believe I'm now 28 weeks, 12 weeks to go!!

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  1. Congratulations, not long to go now! #WeekendBlogHop

  2. Such an exciting time, what a gorgeous bump! I love the bits you've been buying too!

  3. Congratulations :) i hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly and your baby is healthy ♡

    Much love,

    1. Aw thanks so much!! Thanks for stopping by! x

  4. Your bump is so cute!

    1. Aw thank you Lucie :) Feels blimmin huge!! :)

  5. Exciting times! You seem to be doing well :D Craving cake is awesome, I've only been craving the blandest stuff, like plain jacket potatoes :P BORING! :P


    1. Jacket potatoes will help keep your figure better than cake tho!! ;)


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