Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tag | Lip Product Addict

I saw this tag post over on Bethany Worrall's blog and decided to give it a go myself...

1) Favourite balm or treatment
I'm a big fan of lip balm, I apply Vaseline Lip Therapy (£2.18) every single morning, and every single night. My favourite has to be Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips (£11.50) it's amazing stuff!! I did a post a while ago testing out a number of lip care products, in which it came out on top! It's HERE if you're interested.

2) Best eye catching red
I really need to wear more bright colours, I much prefer a nude lip. But when I do, my favourites are Yves Rocher Moisturising Cream Lipstick in Framboise (£7.50) which is a deep red for blood stained lips, great on a night out. Or a more subtle red for a daytime look I like Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush Moisturising Lip Stain (£12.00) which goes on soft like a lip balm. 
3) Best Luxury and Best Drugstore
Best luxury; well my favourite lipsticks are from MAC (£15.00), I own soooo many. Those and Chanel Coco Shine (£24.00) are my fave luxury lips!
Best drugstore; this has to be Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters (£5.99) they're gorgeous!

4) Best MAC lipstick
Either Creme d'Nude or Blankety. My daily faves!!
5) Most disappointing product
Is it just me or is Lipcote (£3.69) disappointing for anyone else? It's been going forever; and a year or so ago it had a big promotional boost to get it back out there, everyone was talking about it so I snapped some up. But it just doesn't do the job for me?!

6) Liner – yes or no?
As a rule, no, not always. If I'm going for a bold lip then I do try to, if I have a liner to match. 

7) Best gloss
I don't really have a 'fave'. I use a lot of MAC Lipglasses. And I do love Urban Decay Lip Junkie!! (£13.00). Avon's Plump Pout's were amazing too, I've no idea why they've stopped doing them!!
8) Something extra
Hmm something extra? To be honest, I don't really use anything else. I don't really use scrubs or treatments as I don't really need to. I look after my lips pretty well and the products I use do a pretty good job on my lips so nothing extra needed :)

What are your favourite lip products?
I'd love to see your Lip Product tags!

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