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Life | My Month [May]

Hey guys,

So, MAY!! May is one of my most favourite months of the year. Not only does it have all those fab bank holidays, and the weather starts changing to warmer, spring like weather [well... it's MEANT to!]  but it's also the month of my 2 special peoples birthdays! So it's probably my most skint month of the year too!! ;)

Unfortunately the month didn't start off too great for me. I was under a lot of work related stress, due to everything that had gone on at work since I fell pregnant, I'd had enough and I was letting it get on top of me. I was so unhappy and my anxiety started to creep up again. I was advised to go on the sick, and I've bought my maternity leave forward early. It was such a hard decision to make and not one we made lightly. It has huge repercussions financially but James was worried for mine and the babies health so we decided the best thing was to finish work. I start my maternity leave this week; which means I've a whole load of time to relax and prepare for the little mans arrival.

Leicester City won the Championship league this month and were promoted to the Premier League which was pretty huge for the boys. I think James was on a high the whole time. :) It bought on lots of celebrations with the family, it was quite an exciting time. :)

James celebrated his 31st birthday. It was quite a chilled day, we had fun shopping and went to see a film, then finished the day with some family time and cake. :)
Bradley also celebrated his 10th birthday only 4 days later, which was much less chilled! ;) It was a fab day though, you may've read about it in my recent post.

We went to see McBusted... twice! :) Well the first time I couldn't actually see much other than the screens [guess who bought those tickets?!] I'm not quite sure why seats that far back exist?! lol. But luckily I'd bought the 3 of us tickets when Bradley started showing interest in some of the old Busted stuff we'd play. So we took him to his first ever concert and he absolutely loved it! Such a fab show!

It was half term so lots of time spent shopping and playing at home. Bradley was lucky enough to have received quite a lot of birthday money and had lots of fun spending it! He bought this amazing new robot called MiP (£99.00), I won't lie, its a bit spesh!! I'm not quite sure who has more fun with it; Bradley or James.

Some pictures from this month...
Bradley's amazing birthday cakes my friend Donna made.

Bradley's birthday party.


Bradley's new robot, MiP.

Some favourites this month...

Skincare Product of the Month...
My skincare routine is still stripped back but my favourite skincare product has still been Olay Regenerist CC Cream (£16.66), it just feels so nice on my skin, is the only product I can use on my skin lately without it messing with my skin or breaking me out. It's a pleasure to use every morning. 

Haircare Product of the Month...
My fave shampoo at the mo is John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo (£5.99). One of the best shampoos I've used in a while.

MakeUp Product of the Month...
Okay so I've finally admitted to myself that I'm putting weight on my face. Ahhh. So I've been contouring a bit more with bronzer, to attempt to accentuate my cheek bones a little more. :) I've enjoyed experimenting with my W7 Bronze Shimmer Pressed Powder (£2.45) this month.

Bath/Body Product of the Month...
Love the smell of my bathroom after I've been using The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream (£2.00). Yum yum!!

Fragrance of the Month...
I never get tired of spritzing my hair with Herra Protect Hair Perfume (£24.95*) , I'll be gutted when my bottle runs out!! 

Read of the Month...
I'm still reading 'How We Met' by Katy Regan now and then. Now I've started my maternity leave I'll have a lot more time to relax and get into a good book. We also always have a 'bedtime book' on the go, where the 3 of us snuggle up in Bradley's bed and read a few pages each before Bradley's bedtime, we're currently reading Shoutykid by Simon Mayle (£5.99*) which we're really enjoying so far!

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Have a fab month of June!!

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