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Pregnancy | 36 weeks

36 week bump shot | Jotting down some birth plan ideas

How far along? 
36 weeks.

Size of baby?

Bump is measuring a week and a half ahead this week. Midwife says he feels over 7 lbs already. :) I think he'll be the same sort of size Bradley was at birth, he was 8 lb 5 oz. 

Any news this week?
So I had a bit of a hormonal week, fed up, heavy and hot and really not coping well in this heatwave. And I was getting peeved at the silly, insensitive comments I was getting which led me to write my most popular post so far 10 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Pregnant Woman - if you haven't already, give it a read! :)
Our antenatal class was cancelled last weekend which we were gutted about! But we had a successful midwife appointment this week, I got a lot of questions and queries answered, we went through my birthing plan and James got to feel baby's head which is still at the brim of my pelvis. She even offered to come see us at home for an antenatal/parentcraft class as our private one was cancelled. I do love my midwife, we're very lucky!
This weekend marks our fully cooked milestone, so he can come anytime now! We're more than ready, but I'm starting to feel quite anxious about everything. 
I'm anxious and scared about the birth, I didn't have a very nice experience with Bradley and I have my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly, quick and easy - that'd be nice! :)
I'm also feeling really anxious about the baby, I'm just hoping everything is okay with him and he's healthy with no problems or complications. And I've become massively anxious about the state of my body afterwards. I know my body is an amazing thing for growing this baby, but I worry that it won't be as easy to get any sort of figure back this time. 
It's a strange time at the moment, I'm no longer able to do much, I'm carrying heavy so I can't walk far or do anything too strenuous. I'm constantly tired and it's just a waiting game now. I really hope something happens sooner rather than later.

It's soooo hard to dress in this weather. If I'm at home with no plans to go out, I'll wear some PJ shorts and probably an oversized AllSaints top. Any other time I'll wear my New Look Maternity Leggings (£14.99 x2) and I have the choice of 3 maternity vests/tops from Beebies Baby Store. Thats pretty much all that fits nowadays. Theres no point in me buying anything else with only a few weeks left. I am struggling in this heat though! It's so frustrating that I can't just pop on a pretty summer dress when it gets too hot. 

I'm still moisturising my bump daily with Palmer's Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks (£2.10). And I'm moisturising all over with Sanctuary Spa Mum To Be Collagen Boosting Body Butter (£10.25**). 

Tired. Heavy. Quite hormonal. Hot. Some random braxton hicks but nothing for a few days. 

Sleep has been hard in this weather. I'm usually on top of the covers in my underwear with the tower fan on next to me.

Missing anything? 
I've been craving cocktails a lot this week ;) I've seen my friends enjoying a fair few this week and it's made me really fancy one.. or a few! ;)

His movements now he's full term are getting quite painful.

Any purchases?:
No purchases this week.

Best moment this week:
My midwife appointment, feeling better after asking a few questions.

Worst moment this week: 
Feeling tired and fed up. :(

Food cravings:
Cold drinks, cold ice poles.

Anything making you queasy or sick:


Belly Button in or out? 



Quite hormonal and fed up due to heat.

Looking forward to:

His arrival!!!

Can't believe I'm now 37 weeks - Happy fully cooked day! You may now arrive!! :) 3 weeks til due date!!


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  1. Glad to hear you and bump are doing well. Hope you're bearing up ok in this heat x #weekendbloghop

    1. Thanks lovely - its so hard in this heat!!

  2. You are almost there there. You sure got a lot covered! When I was pregnant, I really was quite clueless about beauty products. xxx #weekendbloghop

    1. Im slacking on the beauty regime I'll be honest!! :)

  3. I cant believe how quick this has gone, probably doesn't feel like that to you though x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Do you think? Its flew by since I finished work, but Im sure these next few weeks will drag!!

  4. Aww bless you, must be so hard being full term in this heat! I'm hating it enough and I'm 10 weeks less pregnant than you! Ooh those cocktails sound good, hopefully you won't have to wait too long before you can indulge! xx #babybabble

    1. Aw lots of luck with the rest of your pregnancy too!! :)

  5. ahhh bless you I can so relate to the pregnancy fed up in the heat I had both mine in a heatwave congrats for 37 weeks, I gave birth to my daughter at 37 weeks so was great that I didn't have to wait wait and wait. lol At the end. Every birth is different so just because you had a tough first one doesn't mean you will have that the second time around. Stay positive and relaxed as much as possible about it. No matter what that is never easy I know. I loved loved your post about what NOT to say to a pregnant lady. No wonder it's your most popular post ever. lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Best of luck and hope your beautiful healthy baby comes soon, easy and quick for you! #sharewithme

    1. Ah I'm hoping he'll make an appearance soon too!!
      Glad you enjoyed my post, was amusing to write :)
      Thank you so much x

  6. Don't worry about the estimated weight. At 36 weeks I was told 7.5lbs, he was born almost 2 whole weeks after that at just 6.8lbs lol!! Hope you don't go over... could be as soon as 2 weeks for B-Day!
    Thanks for linking to #babybabble hun xx

    1. I just want him here now to see just how big he is!! :)

  7. I love reading pregnancy updates - I miss mine.
    I never bothered with a birth plan. My midwife told me it was a waste of time.
    Looking forward to seeing new arrival pics


    1. Ive just wrote a few notes of my wishes so they know what I'd like and what I don't want :)
      Thank you!! :)

  8. In a way I'm glad I was pregnant over the winter months as I never had to worry about dressing for warm weather! I did suffer with insomnia though and it was awful. Thanks for linking up to the #binkylinky

    1. Ah this heatwave has been so hard to carry in!

  9. Good to hear all is well and not long to go now! My missus is 36 weeks today and a lot of what you said is similar to her, particularly the getting more and more uncomfortable by the day big! We went to the midwife this morning and baby had turned around so she's no longer breech which is great news - hopefully she'll stay that way now. Good luck with everything :) #binkylinky

    1. Ah thats fab news, lets hope she stays head down!! Mine was the same too, luckily turned round too! Clever little things :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Not long to go now, pregnancy can be quite intense in this heat. Rest now as much as you can.

  12. not long to go, make the most of the sitting down in silence... and just sitting down really. i have a toddler, that is such a hard time let me tell you lol #binkylinky

    1. Haha Ive been there, I remember it well. I also work with preschoolers! ;)

  13. Exciting times (despite the hormones)! Your bump looks really neat. You must be feeling a bit better now the weather has cooled down a bit. Just saw you'd jotted down ideas for your birth plan. I wrote mine for my fourth baba a few weeks ago if you fancy a peek: I also have a list for the birth centre / hospital on the blog if you want to have a look... I ended up not using any of it in the end, my little girl was in a hurry to meet us all!

  14. Not long to go! Just had a peek at the 'not to say' list - and couldn't agree more - I'm 21 weeks pregnant with our third boy (you can imagine the comments!) and will have three under 3.5 when he is born in December, which clearly gives people the right to ask about my contraception choices! The weather has been tough going and I too have been craving a nice cold alcoholic bevarage - vimto it is though! Good luck with the rest of it, be looking out for a baby announcement soon from you!

    1. Ah I can totally imagine!!
      Thanks hun, you too!!

  15. I can certainly relate to this stage of pregnancy. Although I am just 26 weeks, I have been at the heavily pregnant stage three times already so I know its not always much fun! Please don't worry about getting your figure back, once baby is here it will go straight to the back of your mind and you will find the whole thing a lot easier! x x x

    1. Ah Ive been here before too, albeit 10 years ago. :)
      I think it'll be a lot harder to loose the weight this time around then it was back when I was 20!! :)
      Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  16. Best of luck for these last few weeks of pregnancy, my baby's 4 weeks old so I remember this stage very clearly!xx #babybabble

  17. I don't envy you being so heavily pregnant during what has been a hot Summer! Fingers crossed you don't get any more uncomfortable - Looking forward to reading about the birth! Thanks for linking up #FamilyFriday

  18. This stage is so hard especially when you have another one to look after! Nearly there! :) #FamilyFriday


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