Friday, 11 July 2014

Pregnancy | Hospital Bags #3

This is the 3rd post of my Hospital Bags series.

At 34 weeks, I've had to start thinking about finishing off my hospital bags. They recommend you have your bags all packed ready before 36 weeks, just incase you need to go in unexpectedly. The last thing you want is to end up going in early and having nothing prepared!!

There are many recommended lists out there to help you put your bags together. And lots to think about. You may have a quick and easy birth and be home the same day, many mums stay in hospital for one night after birth or you may have to stay in for a little while, so it can be hard to work out what to take. You don't want to take too much, neither do you want to get there and realise you don't have something, so try to find a balance. It may also be a good idea to keep extras and spares in the car incase you need them.

Using all the research, tips and advice I'd gathered, I put together my own list to work from; including what you should pack for labour, essentials for afterwards, and what to pack for baby.

Check out the list here.

For my Hospital Bags series, I've been putting together 3 posts to show you the things in my hospital bags:
Hospital Bags #3 - Baby [clothes, essentials, feeding]

I'll also need to prepare a bag for Bradley as he'll need to be ready to go to my Mums at the drop of a hat when I go into labour.

So... Baby's bag.

So I went through baby's wardrobe to pick out some pieces for the hospital bag. I'm using my Babymel Ella Spot Changing Bag (£49.00) for baby's things.

2 blankets - 1 fleecy & 1 cellular.
2 newborn hats.
2 pairs of socks.
1 pair of scratch mitts.
Bear snuggle toy.
2 muslin squares.
2 bibs.
1 dummy.
4 first size vests/bodysuits.
10 newborn nappies.
Cotton wool balls.
1 romper suit [possible going home outfit]
2 first size sleep suits/all in ones.
2 0-3 vests/bodysuits
[also need to add a couple of 0-3 sleep suits/all in ones]

Is there anything you think I'm missing??

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  1. Wow, you are fantastically organised. My kids are grown up now but with my son I packed my bag while I was in labour and of course forgot half of what I should have taken. #weekendbloghop

    1. I did the same with Bradley, so wanted to be more organised this time round :)
      Thanks for commenting :)

  2. LOVE the bag!!! You seem exceptionally organised and I don't think you've missed anything for baby at all - maybe take an extra dummy in case of awkward droppage! Thanks for linking to #babybabble xx

    1. I'm sure I'll get there and be missing something :)
      Thanks Jo! x

  3. Wow you're super organised! Something I wish I had taken was a soft toy or two... My boy was in special care and then in transitional care and had no teddy to snuggle up next to :-( Your baby will love the bear snuggle toy Amelia x

    1. Aw! Yes I've popped in hus snuggle toy!!
      Thanks for commenting!! x

  4. Fab that you can fit all babys clothes in its changing bag, great idea that


    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess


    1. Only the clothes fit in the bag ;) Everything else has had to go in another bag! :)
      Thanks for commenting! x


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