Monday, 25 August 2014

Pregnancy | 40 weeks

Finally reached his due date | Bradley was showing his brother bump some Love Heart love!

How far along?
I was 40 weeks this week. It was my due date last Saturday. To be honest, I didn't think I'd be writing this update, I was convinced he'd be here by now. :)

Size of baby?
wasn't measured this week, but I dread to think how much he weighs now!! Ouch!!

Any news this week?
HE'S LATE!! :)
As this post goes live, on Monday morning, I've either had him or I'm a week and 2 days overdue. 
I had a sweep on Friday morning, I was 2cm dilated and my midwife thinks I'll labour soon. This morning I lost my plug [sorry to anyone a little squeamish!] and I'm getting quite strong pains, so I'm hoping they turn into something rather than just tailing off as they have a few times throughout the week. Watch this space I guess!! If he doesn't arrive before, I'm booked in for induction on Thursday. So this will be the last update as hopefully he'll be here by next weekend!

Still in my Maternity Leggings (£14.99/New Look) and Maternity Tops (£12.99/Beebies Baby Store).  Even these are getting too small for me now!! I can't actually wait to be able to wear something else!! :) 

I've ran out of all pregnancy specific products this week, so just using my usual products now.

Strong period type pains / twinges, pressure and lower back pain that are really quite painful but often tail off. Today the pains have been a little stronger but we'll see. My SPD has been awful this week too. I honestly feel like my bits are split in two [sorry again!] I've struggled walking, sitting, laying and standing up this week! Im well and truly ready to finish this pregnancy now!! :)

Sleeping isn't too bad once I'm asleep. But the discomfort of my SPD is a nightmare! Getting up out of bed hurts SO much!!! And finding a comfortable position isn't easy. 

Missing anything? 
A baby? ;)
Im missing feeling normal and I just can't wait to have this little man in my arms, not carrying him around in my uterus, its getting a little tiring!! :)

Yep he's still a fidget!

Any purchases?
Nothing this week. 

Best moment this week?
It hasn't been a very exciting week!

Worst moment this week? 
Every morning realising that another day has passed and he still hasn't arrived! 

Food cravings?
No food cravings.

Anything making you queasy or sick?


Belly Button in or out? 



Fed up and impatient.

Looking forward to?

Him making his arrival!

Prices all correct at time of posting

Can't believe I'm now 41 weeks - I was convinced I wouldn't make it this far!!
At least I know he'll definitely be here this week!! 

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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Tag | Concerts

I love a good live show me, I've grown up pretty much seeing the Backstreet Boys and Westlife every single year since they started touring. So when I stumbled upon this tag by Lauren @ AnImpatientScottishGirl, I thought I'd give it a go...

1. What was your first concert and how old were you?
My first ever concert was for the Backstreet Boys.
It was November 1996 at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall and I was 12.
2. What was your best concert?
I have so many memories from different concerts. I have to say the best ever though, and one I'd love to relive over and over has to be Westlife's final farewell show at Croke Park, Dublin. James and I were there, with our friends Laura & Alex. It was an amazing weekend, the whole of Dublin were celebrating the Westlife journey and the show was just overwhelming and so emotional. The boys were genuinely in bits for the majority of the show, I still can't watch the show without getting emotional. 

3. Have you ever been a VIP and met the performer? If so, who? 
I've been VIP for Backstreet Boys a few times. They're a bit spesh those guys and I've had the pleasure of spending some fab times with them over the past 18 years!

4. Who would you love to see in concert? 

Hmm, I've been lucky enough to see the majority of people I want to. I'd like to see Kings of Leon live though.

5. What is your go to outfit for a concert? 

Flat shoes! Anything smart casual. I don't have a 'go to' outfit. I just wear something I'm comfortable in that looks pretty! ;)

6. Last concert you went to?  

Since I've been pregnant I've treated my bump to 4 concerts! :) Backstreet Boys twice, once bump even got to experience front row barrier ;) and McBusted twice. :) 
The last one was McBusted back in May, James and I took Bradley, it was his first ever concert and he loved it! :) It was a fab show!

7. Future concerts? 

With baby on the way, I think we'll be slowing down on the concert front a little, lol. Although we do have tickets to see Shane Filan soon, I don't think we thought that one through! :)

8. Which artist/group would you love to meet?  

Ooh I don't know. I've always said I'd love to meet Cheryl Cole as she's just the prettiest girl in the world!

9. Would you go on stage and sing a duet with your favourite artist?

No. lol. Nobody needs to hear that. :)

What was the last gig you went to?
Let me know if you do this tag, would love to see your answers!
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Beauty | TheBodyShop Satsuma range review

I've been going a bit crazy for fruity products lately, maybe it's another pregnancy craving?! But I can't get enough of anything fruity, especially body sprays. In this summery weather, they're just perfect! And I LOVE TheBodyShop for this. They most definitely have the BEST fruity products around!

I'm particularly loving their satsuma range at the mo...
I have the Satsuma Body Mist (£7.50) and the Satsuma Body Sorbet (£8.00).

I've been using TheBodyShop's body sprays since I was a teen! If you're around my age, I guarantee you either had a dewberry or ananya body spray for after PE at school!! ;) It's crazy remembering back to the plastic bottles with green labels! Nowadays their products look a lot more sophisticated. And thankfully they've introduced a whole load of yummy fragrances!!

The body mist is a gorgeous body spray, perfect for quick spritz' all over the body for fresh, fruity fragrance throughout the day. The fragrance is quite strong, some people may find it a little overwhelming but personally I love how strong TheBodyShop's products are. I've been spritzing the mist all over after a bath, then again once I'm dressed, then freshen up with it throughout the day. I think it's the most perfect fragrance for this season. I personally think it's fresh, light and not at all over powering like a perfume may be in this hot weather. Best of all, the fragrance lasts forever!

Now, the body sorbet was something I definitely wanted to try when I heard about it's release. I'm not sure if it's because I have a bit of an addiction to sorbet at the mo, or if I'm just a sucker for a new product. Probably a bit of both. The body sorbet is a moisturiser with a sorbet texture. Intriguing huh? I've been applying this all over after a bath. Hmm. If you know me or have followed my blog for a while, you'll know that I am a big fan of body butter. Thick, body butter. So this is very different to my usual moisturiser. I'm still not quite sure what I think to the texture. It literally is like smothering yourself in an orange sorbet!! It's quite sticky, compared to your usual moisturiser, yet it sinks into the skin quite quickly and doesn't leave any sticky residue or anything. 

The fragrance again is amazing, and long lasting. I'm constantly sniffing myself throughout the day We'll blame that on the craving shall we? ;) My skin feels slightly softer than it would without a moisturiser, but probably not as soft and smooth as it would with a body butter. One big positive of this product is that it contains a 'cooling' ingredient, so that it cools the skin on application, which again is fantastic in this weather. I've been struggling being heavily pregnant during the recent heatwave, and applying this after a bath has felt lovely! So, for a bit of a change from your usual, favourite body butter, with a gorgeous, long lasting, juicy fragrance, definitely give this a try and see what you think! I don't think it's something I'd repurchase, but I like the novelty of it, the layering of the satsuma fragrance and the cooling aspect in this heat has been a nice help! 

Have you tried any of the new body sorbets yet? 
What has been your favourite fruity fragrance this summer??
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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Parenting | Big Brother Present

Bradley is 10, so he's been old enough to be totally involved during my pregnancy. He was the first person we told, although he actually guessed as I was so so poorly at the beginning! He came with us to the 16 week gender scan to find out whether he was having a brother or a sister. He's been so caring and really looked after me through my pregnancy, understanding that I need some extra help and haven't been able to do as much with him once I got heavily pregnant. He is SO excited to meet his baby brother, he asks every single day if he's coming yet. I know he'll be fantastic once he's arrived, I know he'll help me out and he'll be besotted.
That said, being 10, he's had a pretty long ride as an only child, having my attention as a parent to himself for 10 years. It's going to be very different for him once his baby brother arrives, having to share my attention, and having to understand and work with the fact that a newborn takes up a lot of time and attention. Also, the new baby is going to get a lot of attention from family members when he arrives, and I do worry that Bradley will feel a bit left out. He's very sensitive, he does fight for attention a lot and I don't want him to feel unimportant at all and maybe even resent the baby. 
I decided to put together a special Big Brother present, to Bradley, from his baby brother.
As a way to make him feel like a super important, big deal as a new big brother, to make him feel like this is a special occasion for him too, to keep him occupied during the crazy first few days and to help the bond between them both.
Let me show you what is included...

Inside Bradley's big brother present.

A fab 'best brother' t shirt for Bradley to wear to show off his big news!

England Double Duvet set - (£7.95/Amazon)
A new football set for his big bed, since the baby has had lots of brand new bedding too.

iTunes voucher - (£15.00)
He loves his iPad, so an iTunes voucher always goes down well! :)
For him to choose a picture of him with his little brother to put in and keep in his room.

'This Is My Baby Brother' book - (£7.00/Bundles of Joy)
A fab little book for him to fill in and stick in pictures of his new brother, a fab keepsake and something lovely for us to do together.

Personalised Big Brother card - (£1.99/Funky Pigeon)
Finished off with this lovely personalised card from his baby brother.

What do you think to his gifts?
Did you buy a big brother gift for your children when expecting a new sibling?

All prices correct at time of posting

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Pregnancy | 39 weeks

39 week bump shot | Relaxing with bump

How far along?
I was 39 weeks this week.

Size of baby?
Bump measured 40 weeks at 39+5. Midwife says he's definitely a 'good size baby' ie. he's bloody massive! ;)

Any news this week?
Well he's still not here! As this post goes live, I'll be 40+1, so a day over my due date. I'm starting to really struggle carrying the weight around now, I get painful stitch on both sides from only walking. And my SPD is that bad I feel like my bits are splitting in half when I stand up. Sorry for the TMI lol. I've continued to get painful period type pains throughout the week but they never seem to go anywhere. Today is my due date, I woke up with a few twinges and back ache but it comes and goes. I have a feeling he won't be coming anytime soon. My midwife says he's still just at the brim, just 1/5 engaged so he's hanging back still. Lazy thing! I think he'll be the size of a toddler by the time he decides to arrive!! I'm bouncing on my ball like a crazy woman!! Midwife won't book me in for a sweep till 41 weeks though which Im pretty gutted about!! 

Still in my Maternity Leggings (£14.99/New Look) and Maternity Tops (£12.99/Beebies Baby Store).  Even these are getting too small for me now!! I can't actually wait to be able to wear something else!! :) 

I've ran out of all pregnancy specific products this week, so just using my usual products now.

Strong period type pains / twinges, pressure and lower back pain that are really quite painful but never seem to go anywhere. But I guess its the start of everything getting ready.
I'm really quite hormonal and emotional too, I know thats totally normal at this point, but I do worry my depression may creep back.

Struggling to sleep some nights, was up at 4am the other day watching back to back eps of Once Upon A Time! :) 

Missing anything? 
Im desperate to be able to lie on my tummy!!! I'm just missing feeling normal, being able to walk around my own house without being in lots of pain!

I can still feel him. :)

Any purchases?
I bought some post pregnancy spanx and support vests this week. This body aint gonna be pretty for a while!! :\

Best moment this week?
Erm.. :\

Worst moment this week? 
Where do I start?!

Food cravings?
No food cravings.

Anything making you queasy or sick?


Belly Button in or out? 



Very hormonal and emotional. :(

Looking forward to?

Him making his arrival!

Prices all correct at time of posting

Can't believe I'm now 40 weeks - consider this your eviction notice little man!!!

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Life | #100HappyDays #4

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or you read my first blog post, you'll know that I'm taking part in the #100HappyDays Challenge, to take a picture each and every day, for 100 days, of something that made me happy. It's a great way to notice the little things in life that make you happy, feel more positive or simply makes you smile!!

Read more about the challenge and see the photos I've taken so far here - 

Here are my 10 happy moments from Day 31 - Day 40...

Day31 - Feet up in front of the fan with my awkward lying baby. And reeeeelax!!

Day 32 - My bestest blonde came round & made me mocktails as I'm missing cocktails so much!!! Love her!!

Day 33 - Celebrating my cousins wedding today!

Day 34 - This was pretty much my day yesterday. Bump. Birthing ball. Pineapple. 

Day 35 - I got my boy back from his long weekend away.

Day 36 - So wrong, yet so right!!!

Day 37 - On the countdown to meet my munchkin!!

Day 38 - Snuggles in bed with my little man last night.

Day 39 - Number of f**** given = Zero. 

Day 40 - Yummy Nandos in my tummy!!

I've just realised how many of these last 10 pictures revolved around food!! Clearly food is making me happy lately!! lol

Are you currently taking part in the #100HappyDays challenge? Feel free to leave me your Instagram links.

Don't forget to follow me at to follow my challenge.

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Parenting | Summer Holiday Homework

Now, let me explain...
Please don't think I'm a nasty Mum that makes my child sit and do hours of homework throughout the summer holidays. 
Nooooo... Of course not!!
Holidays are for taking a break from working hard, and having lots of fun.
But that said, I do think it's important to keep their little minds working hard. Little snippets of brain exercise, to stop it turning to mush from excessive iPad and PlayStation playing!!

Research shows that for some children, the long summer holiday can have an impact on children's learning when they get back to school. It can take a while to settle back in to a routine and find their concentration. 

Bradley bought home a bag of Maths goodies on his last day of school as part of a 'Summer Learning Pilot' his school are trialling, to see if they can reduce the impact on learning, by providing activities and resources to support learning during the holidays. 

Inside was lots of bright, inviting, fun looking work sheets and also a brand new calculator and maths set including pencils, rulers, a compass and protractors. How fab! We love a freebie!! ;)

I personally think it's a fab idea. 
Bradley is 10 and will be going into Year 6, the final year of primary school after the holidays. It's a pretty important year for him, he'll be doing his SAT exams which will deter at which level he will enter into high school at. He is a very smart boy, yet has a tendency to lose concentration very easily, is easily distracted and often becomes a bit silly in class. So anything to work on his concentration is great.

He has 2 days a week where he isn't allowed any 'screen time', so no iPad, no computers. And he struggles! Particularly on days where the weather isn't great so he can't go out to play. On a couple of these occasions I've bought the Maths Pack out. 
Now, let's be honest, your usual child would probably think this was a BAAAAD idea, [I probably would've!!] but luckily Bradley enjoys Maths and is pretty good at it. So we sit at his desk, together, and he chooses an activity or 2 to do. Just for a short while, maybe half an hour or so. And it's also nice to spend some time together.

By no means is he sat doing pages and pages of sums or anything like that, now THAT would be mean! These worksheets include simple activities and short projects for different age ranges that the children will enjoy doing, without even realising they're learning at the same time. Not all activities need to be done sat at a desk, they can also be done out and about too, there are activities that can be done at the beach, on a journey, at the park or on rainy days. 
Some activities and questions include... 

'How many times can you swing backwards and forwards in a minute? Can taller people swing faster?'

'Find objects that represent different mathematical shapes - both 2D and 3D. How many can you collect? Can you make a maths collage?'

'What is the ratio of the circumference of your head to your height? Try this with other members of your family. Are all ratios the same?'

'How many lamp posts do you pass in 1 mile? Are they always the same distance apart? Estimate how many you will pass in your whole journey.'

'At what times during a 24 hour period do the hands of a clock create a right angle?'

'Estimate the total amount spent on your shopping trip. Play against each other.'

A quick 30mins doing a Maths activity, then back to the usual Summer Holiday fun. That's all it takes. And I'm happy knowing that for that short while, he was putting his brain to work and concentrating without distractions. 

What do you think? 
Do you think the learning pilot is a good idea? 
Or should homework be saved for term time?
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