Thursday, 21 August 2014

Beauty | TheBodyShop Satsuma range review

I've been going a bit crazy for fruity products lately, maybe it's another pregnancy craving?! But I can't get enough of anything fruity, especially body sprays. In this summery weather, they're just perfect! And I LOVE TheBodyShop for this. They most definitely have the BEST fruity products around!

I'm particularly loving their satsuma range at the mo...
I have the Satsuma Body Mist (£7.50) and the Satsuma Body Sorbet (£8.00).

I've been using TheBodyShop's body sprays since I was a teen! If you're around my age, I guarantee you either had a dewberry or ananya body spray for after PE at school!! ;) It's crazy remembering back to the plastic bottles with green labels! Nowadays their products look a lot more sophisticated. And thankfully they've introduced a whole load of yummy fragrances!!

The body mist is a gorgeous body spray, perfect for quick spritz' all over the body for fresh, fruity fragrance throughout the day. The fragrance is quite strong, some people may find it a little overwhelming but personally I love how strong TheBodyShop's products are. I've been spritzing the mist all over after a bath, then again once I'm dressed, then freshen up with it throughout the day. I think it's the most perfect fragrance for this season. I personally think it's fresh, light and not at all over powering like a perfume may be in this hot weather. Best of all, the fragrance lasts forever!

Now, the body sorbet was something I definitely wanted to try when I heard about it's release. I'm not sure if it's because I have a bit of an addiction to sorbet at the mo, or if I'm just a sucker for a new product. Probably a bit of both. The body sorbet is a moisturiser with a sorbet texture. Intriguing huh? I've been applying this all over after a bath. Hmm. If you know me or have followed my blog for a while, you'll know that I am a big fan of body butter. Thick, body butter. So this is very different to my usual moisturiser. I'm still not quite sure what I think to the texture. It literally is like smothering yourself in an orange sorbet!! It's quite sticky, compared to your usual moisturiser, yet it sinks into the skin quite quickly and doesn't leave any sticky residue or anything. 

The fragrance again is amazing, and long lasting. I'm constantly sniffing myself throughout the day We'll blame that on the craving shall we? ;) My skin feels slightly softer than it would without a moisturiser, but probably not as soft and smooth as it would with a body butter. One big positive of this product is that it contains a 'cooling' ingredient, so that it cools the skin on application, which again is fantastic in this weather. I've been struggling being heavily pregnant during the recent heatwave, and applying this after a bath has felt lovely! So, for a bit of a change from your usual, favourite body butter, with a gorgeous, long lasting, juicy fragrance, definitely give this a try and see what you think! I don't think it's something I'd repurchase, but I like the novelty of it, the layering of the satsuma fragrance and the cooling aspect in this heat has been a nice help! 

Have you tried any of the new body sorbets yet? 
What has been your favourite fruity fragrance this summer??
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  1. Oooh, I read this post imagining how awesome it must smell! Might pop into the Body Shop tomorrow and test some out!
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!


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