Monday, 25 August 2014

Pregnancy | 40 weeks

Finally reached his due date | Bradley was showing his brother bump some Love Heart love!

How far along?
I was 40 weeks this week. It was my due date last Saturday. To be honest, I didn't think I'd be writing this update, I was convinced he'd be here by now. :)

Size of baby?
wasn't measured this week, but I dread to think how much he weighs now!! Ouch!!

Any news this week?
HE'S LATE!! :)
As this post goes live, on Monday morning, I've either had him or I'm a week and 2 days overdue. 
I had a sweep on Friday morning, I was 2cm dilated and my midwife thinks I'll labour soon. This morning I lost my plug [sorry to anyone a little squeamish!] and I'm getting quite strong pains, so I'm hoping they turn into something rather than just tailing off as they have a few times throughout the week. Watch this space I guess!! If he doesn't arrive before, I'm booked in for induction on Thursday. So this will be the last update as hopefully he'll be here by next weekend!

Still in my Maternity Leggings (£14.99/New Look) and Maternity Tops (£12.99/Beebies Baby Store).  Even these are getting too small for me now!! I can't actually wait to be able to wear something else!! :) 

I've ran out of all pregnancy specific products this week, so just using my usual products now.

Strong period type pains / twinges, pressure and lower back pain that are really quite painful but often tail off. Today the pains have been a little stronger but we'll see. My SPD has been awful this week too. I honestly feel like my bits are split in two [sorry again!] I've struggled walking, sitting, laying and standing up this week! Im well and truly ready to finish this pregnancy now!! :)

Sleeping isn't too bad once I'm asleep. But the discomfort of my SPD is a nightmare! Getting up out of bed hurts SO much!!! And finding a comfortable position isn't easy. 

Missing anything? 
A baby? ;)
Im missing feeling normal and I just can't wait to have this little man in my arms, not carrying him around in my uterus, its getting a little tiring!! :)

Yep he's still a fidget!

Any purchases?
Nothing this week. 

Best moment this week?
It hasn't been a very exciting week!

Worst moment this week? 
Every morning realising that another day has passed and he still hasn't arrived! 

Food cravings?
No food cravings.

Anything making you queasy or sick?


Belly Button in or out? 



Fed up and impatient.

Looking forward to?

Him making his arrival!

Prices all correct at time of posting

Can't believe I'm now 41 weeks - I was convinced I wouldn't make it this far!!
At least I know he'll definitely be here this week!! 

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