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I love a good live show me, I've grown up pretty much seeing the Backstreet Boys and Westlife every single year since they started touring. So when I stumbled upon this tag by Lauren @ AnImpatientScottishGirl, I thought I'd give it a go...

1. What was your first concert and how old were you?
My first ever concert was for the Backstreet Boys.
It was November 1996 at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall and I was 12.
2. What was your best concert?
I have so many memories from different concerts. I have to say the best ever though, and one I'd love to relive over and over has to be Westlife's final farewell show at Croke Park, Dublin. James and I were there, with our friends Laura & Alex. It was an amazing weekend, the whole of Dublin were celebrating the Westlife journey and the show was just overwhelming and so emotional. The boys were genuinely in bits for the majority of the show, I still can't watch the show without getting emotional. 

3. Have you ever been a VIP and met the performer? If so, who? 
I've been VIP for Backstreet Boys a few times. They're a bit spesh those guys and I've had the pleasure of spending some fab times with them over the past 18 years!

4. Who would you love to see in concert? 

Hmm, I've been lucky enough to see the majority of people I want to. I'd like to see Kings of Leon live though.

5. What is your go to outfit for a concert? 

Flat shoes! Anything smart casual. I don't have a 'go to' outfit. I just wear something I'm comfortable in that looks pretty! ;)

6. Last concert you went to?  

Since I've been pregnant I've treated my bump to 4 concerts! :) Backstreet Boys twice, once bump even got to experience front row barrier ;) and McBusted twice. :) 
The last one was McBusted back in May, James and I took Bradley, it was his first ever concert and he loved it! :) It was a fab show!

7. Future concerts? 

With baby on the way, I think we'll be slowing down on the concert front a little, lol. Although we do have tickets to see Shane Filan soon, I don't think we thought that one through! :)

8. Which artist/group would you love to meet?  

Ooh I don't know. I've always said I'd love to meet Cheryl Cole as she's just the prettiest girl in the world!

9. Would you go on stage and sing a duet with your favourite artist?

No. lol. Nobody needs to hear that. :)

What was the last gig you went to?
Let me know if you do this tag, would love to see your answers!
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  1. It's very interesting to see people blog about my childhood likes and to read how they're now. I was a Backstreet Boys fan briefly in like 1997 when I'd heard of them in a tween audio magazine and had seen posters of them in a print magazine. I however was just into them to fit in. In reality, I hardly ever listened to pop music until I was fourteen in 2000. The only time I ever went to a pop music performance was to a Dutch Idol in 2004, and only because I had to accompany my sister. I really prefer folk.


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