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Beauty | Make Up Rumours haul: First Impressions

Make Up Rumours haul

Being a bit of a beauty addict, when I was offered £10 off a £15+ spend of new beauty brand 'Make Up Rumours', I jumped at the chance.
Make Up Rumours is a cheap and cheerful, low end budget beauty brand which reminded me a lot of brands such as MUA, Miss Sporty... etc. All of their products are priced between £1-5.
I'll be honest, I'm a bit of a beauty snob and wasn't expecting much from them. But I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer.
Ordering / Delivery...
Ordering was super easy. Their website is clear, well set out and straight forward to use. The products are all categorised well and easy to find and payment was simple, by PayPal or card. 
Unfortunately there was a bit of an issue, I didn't receive any confirmation, or my products, but they were really apologetic and helpful once I'd emailed them and I received my products soon afterwards.
First Impressions...
I ordered a few products from each category. Take a look at what I chose...
Make Up Rumours - Nail Products

Pink Tease Fashion Collection Nail Polish - Shade 12 [A pinky coral colour] (£1.00)
Pink Tease Fashion Collection Nail Polish - Shade 7 [A hot pink colour] (£1.00) 
Pink Tease Naturals Collection Nail Polish - Shade 3 [A light, baby pink colour] (£1.00) 
Pink Tease Fashion Collection Nail Polish - Shade 11 [A bright, turquoise colour] (£1.00) 
Pink Tease Fashion Collection Nail Polish - Shade 10 [A greeny, aqua colour] (£1.00) 
Pink Tease Fashion Collection Nail Polish - Shade 8 [A bright, aqua/blue colour] (£1.00) 
Pink Tease Fashion Collection Nail Polish - Shade 9 [A royal blue colour] (£1.00) 
Pink Tease Nail Seeds - Shade 8 [Black & silver seeds] (£1.00) 
On first impressions, the polishes look nice in their quirky, square glass bottles, although the black lids feel a little cheap. The brushes are pretty small and the smell is pretty strong. I'm looking forward to trying them out though.
Pink Tease Pressed Powder & Bronzer

In cute square palettes with an adorable heart embossed into the powders, they feel soft to the touch. Again, the packaging feels quite cheap, but I'm hoping the product gives a nice healthy glow.

Make Up Rumours Lipsticks

Pink Tease Lipstick - Shade 14 [light, nudey beige colour] (£1.00)
Pink Tease Lipstick - Shade 6 [hot pink, fuchsia colour] (£1.00)
Pink Tease Lipstick - Shade 15 [dark, nudey beige] (£1.00)

These lipsticks do look pretty cheap quality, the product as well as the packaging. I do love the creaminess of my MAC lippys so it'll be interesting to see how I get on with these. Unfortunately, for some reason, I purchased 2 shades almost identical as you can see.

Make Up Rumours Eye Palettes

The packaging is definitely cheap and nasty, with the tacky sponge applicators lol. But that said, the colours do look nice, so I'm looking forward to seeing how they apply and look on the eye. 

So those are my first impressions, although they seem pretty cheap quality, I'm hoping some of them surprise me and be really nice to use.
I'll be trying them all out over the next couple of weeks so look out for my review post!

Have you tried anything from budget beauty brand, 
Make Up Rumours??

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  1. I've bought the odd thing from MUA and ELF and find both brands to be a little hit and miss - then again I find that with some high end brands too. I'll be interested to see how you get on with these x

  2. OOOh those eye palettes look really nice!! Especially the black/ silver one. Thanks for sharing #AllAboutYou

    1. Keep checking back for full reviews coming soon! :)


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