Monday, 22 September 2014

Life | #100HappyDays #7

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or you read my first blog post, you'll know that I'm taking part in the #100HappyDays Challenge, to take a picture each and every day, for 100 days, of something that made me happy. It's a great way to notice the little things in life that make you happy, feel more positive or simply makes you smile!!

Read more about the challenge and see the photos I've taken so far here - 
Life | #100HappyDays #5
Life | #100HappyDays #6

Here are my 10 happy moments from Day 61 - Day 70...

Day 61 - Still can't believe this little man is mine.

Day 62 - I've waited 10mths to have one of these!! Get in my belly!!!

Day 63 - Play time with my baby boy today. #15DaysOld

Day 64 - Brotherly Love.  My 2 gorgeous boys!!

Day 65 - Picked up some high street beauty bits today.

Day 66 - My big man having snuggles with my little man!! My heart melts seeing them together!!

Day 67 - Getting some inspiration to decorate our new house.

Day 67 - This little dude is 3 weeks old today!

Day 68 - Taylor James having tummy time with Daddy this morning.

Day 69 - 2014 is proving to be a fab year for me & my little family.

Day 70 - My gorgeous boys in their matching tshirts.

Are you currently taking part in the #100HappyDays challenge? Feel free to leave me your Instagram links.

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  1. Awwww lovely photos.

    Im also taking part in this challenge, i think its such a great self-diary to look back and reflect on, im on #day 64 already which i cant believe.

    Following you on Twitter and Instagram.

    Be great if you can follow me also :)

    Twitter: yasbeyou
    Instagram: @yasminbeyou

    Be You

    1. Thank you, it really is a lovely reflective thing to do isn't it!
      Thanks for following!

  2. Aww lovely, I love those little gorgeously wrinkly newborn bodies just the best feeling, especially to know you've made them. Congratulations and thank you for linking up to #magicmoments

  3. Looks like a fabulous 10 days, love the picture of the boys in matching t-shirts! Popping in from Magic Moments.

  4. What lovely pictures and a great idea. I got my first grandson in June and my granddaughter is coming in feb lol. Time flies and it is so nice to remember those special times

  5. Aww such lovely shots of happiness! Gorgeous boys :) xx #magicmoments

  6. oh fair play to you i gave up half way through just kept forgetting about it lol lovely pics xx

  7. Such a lovely happy post and great photos - really made me smile! xx

    1. Aw glad it made you smile, thanks for stopping by :)

  8. What a lovely idea #100 days is! This is a beautiful post full of happy images. I'm all about happy, positive posts. Life's too short to be negative and pessimistic.


  9. What a lovely idea and well done for doing it during a fab but busy time. Great pictures of the boys, thanks for linking up with #wellbeingwednesday


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