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Parenting | A Day In The Life of Taylor

I was inspired by a blogpost I read recently, of 24 hours of a young baby, they'd printed it out and popped it into their baby book. I thought it was a lovely idea and something that would be lovely to look back upon.

I love reading my pregnancy updates, I'm lucky to have it all on my blog to look back at and read how my pregnancy progressed, so I've decided that, along with Taylor's monthly updates, I'll try to do a 'Day In The Life Of...' post each month.

I already track his feeds, changes and sleeps on an app [as I'd forget else!! :)] so I'll just pop them into a blog post in more detail. 

Here goes...

A Day In The Life of Taylor James 
@ 1 Month Old

7:07: I wake up after a 9hr sleep, I slept through the night for the first time! Yay!! I'm not surprised after yesterday, I didn't sleep longer than 20 mins all day and I was soooo grumpy all day!!! I did sleep in Mummy's bed though, which she doesn't like doing, but I was a bit fussy and clingy all evening and wanted to stay close to Mummy. So while I slept through the night, Mummy didn't get much sleep at all!! :)
7:08: Mummy changed my wet nappy. I was getting a bit grumpy as I was hungry. [Not surprising after sleeping through with no feeds! :)]
7:26: I drink 5oz of formula.
7:30-8:30: We have family time in Mummy & Daddy's bed, with my brother too. Daddy has the day off today, yay! We were 'chatting' and playing. I gave lots of smiles and coo's. Bradley leaves to go to school at half past. Mummy takes photos of me to celebrate me sleeping through.

8:35: Mummy gets me dressed. I'm wearing navy trousers and a stripy tshirt with a doggy on the front.
8:45: I have Daddy time in bed while Mummy has a bath and gets ready. Lots of 'chatting', smiles and snuggles.
9:20: I fall asleep on Daddy in bed.
11:11: I wake up and Mummy changes my wet nappy.
11:30: I drink 4oz of formula.
11:40: Mummy changes my dirty nappy. I smile and coo at Mummy & Daddy, they talk to me in silly voices and it makes me laugh. Mummy puts some 'Snuffle Babe' nasal drops into my nose as I've been very snuffly. It makes me cry a little bit. But then I'm smiling again.
11:45: We go out in Daddy's car to go look at wallpaper for our new house. I fall asleep on and off in the car and pram.

14:18: I wake up when we get home and Mummy changes my wet nappy. 
14:37: I drink 4oz of formula.
14:43: I fall asleep in Mummy's arms for 5 minutes after my feed.
15:00: Daddy has taken his car to the garage and I have play time with Mummy - on my play mat, I get excited at all the toys hanging above my head. Mummy lays next to me and makes me smile and laugh. I have a little bit of tummy time.

15:20: Mummy sits me in my bouncy chair, I'm getting excited about the toys in front of me, and the colours and lights from Peppa Pig on the TV. Then I'm a little bit sick so Mummy has to change my top. I'm now wearing a blue top with a Fire Engine on.

15:37: Mummy changes my wet nappy.
16:00: I have Mummy cuddles and she rocks me, I fall sleep while she is watching TOWIE :)
16:40: Daddy is home and I wake up. We go out in the car to go and watch Bradley play football.
17:30: We get home and Daddy changes my dirty nappy.
17:56: Daddy gives me 5oz of formula.
18:00: I have snuggles and a bit of playing with Daddy whilst Mummy does the ironing. 
18:54: I get a little bit grumpy so Mummy rocks and cuddles me and I fall asleep. I'm put into my Moses basket whilst Mummy & Daddy have dinner.
19:26: I wake up a bit grumpy. I get tired and hungry about this time every day.
19:44: Mummy and Daddy bath me - it always calms me down, I love the warm water and splashing with my legs. I stare at Daddy while he holds me. Mummy washes me with Johnson's Top to Toe body wash tonight. 
19:55: Mummy takes me into the bedroom for quiet time. She puts me in my sleep suit, it has teddies on it. I'm a bit too grumpy for baby massage tonight so she feeds me straight away.
20:00: I drink 3oz of formula then I have a bit of wind and Im a little bit sick. We have snuggles for a while, I'm getting sleepy.
20:15: My brother Bradley comes in to say goodnight, I give him some smiles.

20:30: I drink another 1.5oz of formula.
20:41: I fall asleep in Mummy's arms and she puts me into my Moses basket.
00:46: I wake up hungry, Mummy changes my wet nappy.
01:05: I have 5oz of formula.
01:11: Mummy changes my dirty nappy.
01:20: I fall back to sleep, Mummy puts me in my Moses basket.
04:30: I wake up a little grizzly, I want my dummy for comfort but it keeps falling out my mouth and waking me up. Mummy lets me go in her bed after a while and I fall asleep snuggling Mummy.
08:00: I wake up for a new day! :)

Until next time...

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  1. Babies have such a tough life.. Taylor James is adorable! x

  2. Great post - been thinking of doing one of these for Baby L too. Good that he slept through the night too :)

    1. Aw you should do one, would love to read it :)

  3. So lovely! This is a great idea - might have to try it too. Also, I love the 'today I slept through the night for the first time' card!

  4. Aww so busy and such a great time :) mine are all growing up so fast but I still remember them being babies ( even my 20 year old,ha) thanks for linking up #Wednesdaybloghop

  5. Ahh bless his busy body!!!! one month old and doing so much already. they grow so fast. This just made me so broody too. eeek. So cute. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  6. Last time I got to your blog, you were still pregnant. Congrats on now having Taylor and her being one month of age already. She's truly a sweetie. I smiled throughout this kind of baby update. Via Brilliant Blog Posts.

    1. Aw wow! :) Thank you - Taylor is a boy tho ;)

  7. Love this, what a great record to have, it will be so lovely to look back on and to see how his routines change :)

  8. Oh he's adorable! What a lovely idea!!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  9. I don't miss the early-morning feeds! Glad to see such a hungry baby though. Thanks for linking up again #FamilyFriday

  10. I know which post you are referring to :) what a lovely day Taylor had and what lovely memories for mummy :)

  11. It is easy to see how a new Mum is kept busy reading this! A great diary to keep. #MagicMoments

  12. Hello there, this is fab, and so lovely-takes me right back! What a cutie. I love your blog and look forward to reading more! x

  13. What a great idea! This will be a wonderful post for you to look back on as he grows. So cute! #magicmoments

  14. gee whizz that all sounds exhausting haha! thanks for linking to #babybabble hun x

  15. What a great idea! wish I'd thought of this but mine is 8 months now! #familyfriday


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