Thursday, 16 October 2014

Tag | What's On My Phone

I've been tagged by the lovely Claire at Milk and Sandcastles to do the 'What's On My Phone' tag. So here goes...

Type of Phone:
I have a white iPhone 5. 
Last call made:
My last call was to James.
Last call received:
The last person to call me was also James. 
Last text message sent:
It was to my friend Rose. I'm not going to tell you what it said :)
Last text message received:
This was also from Rose.
Last notification: 
The last notification was a Facebook message from my sister in law [and Boss ;)], Maria. 
Most used app:
I use soooo many apps. The one I use the most is an app called First Year, it's an app where I can track all of Taylor's feeds, changes, sleeps etc. I love it, its been a god send lately as I'd just forget when he was last fed. It also charts everything so you can see a routine forming and work out averages of how much sleep he's having, how much formula he's having, when he last had medication etc. 

Last app used:
Whats App.
Last app downloaded:
The last app I downloaded was the Zoella app. I think its fab she has her own app! I catch up on her vids when I get some spare time.

Home Screen:
My home screen is the first picture taken of the 3 men in my life, when I was in hospital after I'd just had Taylor. 7 weeks ago. :)

I tag Rebecca @ Mrs Meldrum, Emma @ Not Your Average, Danny @ DannyUK & Charl @ Ginger Girl Says. 

What's On Your Phone guys??

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