Saturday, 27 December 2014

Additional Lengths Remi Cachet Hair Piece | Review

With a 4 month old grumpy baby, I'm not having much time to myself, and getting myself ready in the morning is a pretty quick routine. It's a quick race to get showered, pop on the nearest clothes I can find, and a basic makeup look before he gets grumpy and needs me.

So my hair isn't getting a look in lately. 

I'm just tying it up if I'm around the house, or I'll wear it loose and wavy with a wooly hat if I go out.

So when I had people round over christmas, I remembered the wavy hair piece that the lovely people at Additional Lengths sent me. 

The Remi Cachet Wavy Wrap* is made of 100% human hair and is a simple ring of hair, with a slight wave.

Before my guests arrived, I simply tied my hair back in a loop then popped the hair piece around it. It took 5 seconds! The look was so simple, yet added a little volume to the loop. 

It gave the look of a messy bun with lots of volume. The hair was soft and matched my hair colour well. It stayed in my hair all day and held the bun well. When I took it out at the end of the day, James commented that he had no idea I had it in. So I think it did the job pretty well!! :) There's nothing worse than overly obvious hair pieces/extensions!!

The wrap can be worn loose, or tight, depending on the look you're trying to achieve. 
It is available in 20 hair colours, so you'll easily find a shade suitable for you. This makes for a great piece for every day looks or an occasional up do.

I am really happy with it and will be experimenting with a few more looks with it when I have more time. 

Additional Lengths are award winning hair extension stockists stocking numerous brands such as Remi Cachet, Beauty Works, Glam Hair, American Dream and Jessica Simpson to name a few. 
Hair pieces are great for simply adding different looks and styles quickly and easily, which are ideal for me right now, when I don't have the time to sit and style my hair. I'm already eyeing up the pony tails and fishtail braids!!

The wavy wrap is available from Additional Lengths for £24.95 plus p&p.

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*Sent to me for honest review.
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