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Steroplast Kids First Aid Kit | Review

Bradley is 10, and believe me when I say he is one of the clumsiest children you will ever meet. He comes home from school at least twice a week with an injury form and can't seem to walk from his bedroom to the lounge without twisting his ankle or banging into a wall. [and we live in a flat!] Seriously this child is totally accident prone!

And with a new baby in the family, I'm not going to be stopping kissing grazed knees anytime soon!!

With a young family, it's super important to have a first aid kit on standby for any minor incidents.

Steroplast do a perfect little First Aid Kit aimed specifically for children.

It comes in this neat little case with a handle and is the perfect size to keep in the medicine cupboard, or to pop in the changing bag, car or pushchair for trips out. 

The items are kept securely in the zipped, mesh compartments. But can be accessed quick and easy, no fiddly pockets or anything, which is important when you need to grab something quickly!

The kit contains everything needed for minor injuries: 

The wash proof plasters are decorated in a child friendly pattern and the wipes are alcohol free so that there is no stinging when applied to a young child's skin; perfect! I think it's a great little kit for taking out and about, I love that it includes 2 eye/wound wash pods which are great for cleaning a wound or rinsing sand or dirt out of eyes. With 2 boys, my life is a whirlwind of cuts and grazes and sand in eyes!! 

I'll definitely be carrying this around on our travels from now on!

Steroplast Kids First Aid Kit* has a RRP of £4.60 A fantastic price!

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*Item sent to me for honest review

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  1. What a handy little collection. I have my own little bag of tricks that I keep in the changing bag as my daughter is much the same - always falling over!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas x

  2. I am first aid trained for work but I don't own a first aid kit , how bad is that. This post has reminded me that I really must buy a one as a mum of three my oldest two are always getting into accidents x #TriedTested

    1. So am I and never had one in the house either!! Bad really!

  3. This is really good value, I think I should get one as would be useful to keep in the car just in case. Thanks for sharing with us on #sundaystars

  4. Have a very large first aid kit in the house, but nothing quite specific for kids. This looks great thought and thanks for sharing on #sundaystars


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