Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Bathroom Wishlist

As you may, or may not know,  we're moving house soon. We're having a lot of work done on the house, then our job begins when we have to decorate the whole house. 

So, I've been having a little look at pieces for the bathroom and have come up with a bit of a wishlist I thought I'd share with you...

I love this white cabinet (£80.00) for storing all the cosmetics and products. I've always used steel storage in the bathroom and it just looks messy, bottles always fall over and the steel goes rusty over time, so something like this would be ideal.

I've always wanted a shower with one of those huge shower heads, I'm going for more of a luxury 5* hotel feel and this one (£131.26) is just perfect!

We're having the airing cupboard knocked out, so the towels are going to have to be stored in my dressing room. This chrome plated towel store (£35.00) is great for keeping a few towels in the bathroom that I can keep replacing as they're used.

The bathroom is already decorated with grey themed tiles so I have my eye on the fluffiest, snuffliest grey towels I can possibly find.

Do you have any bathroom beauties to share with me?

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  1. I'm off on my travels at the moment so not really looking into homeware at the moment but I'm certainly appreciating a decent bathroom after some questionable showers in Southeast Asia!

  2. Lovely, we are just having a shower installed in ur downstair bathroom - we are going dark grey!

  3. You have a good eye! I love the free standing unit' I could use something like that on my landing! My bathroom is teeny as we live in a flat above a shop, but the landlord has decked it out with all mod cons - we have a shower that looks like a space ship! The day we moved in I managed to twiddle the knobs to get it to a reasonable temperature, and I've been scared to touch the controls since! It does have a big head though, which is lovely to stand under in the mornings.
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