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December Empties & Mini Reviews

I'm a little late with this post, but better late than never...

Below are the products I finished during December and what I thought of them...


Vichy Idealia Life Serum (£22.12/Boots)
I think I recieved these samples in a beauty box a while back and gave them a go this month. Serum's are strange ones for me, as I can never really tell if they're doing anything, yet I like to use them. This product promises to help make your complexion look fresh and radiant, and my skin is looking pretty healthy right now, whether it is down to using this serum, who knows, but I very much doubt there was a drastic change after only a tiny amount from these tiny samples.
Would I recommend? It felt nice on my skin, not at all greasy, sunk into my skin well, it was a nice product so yes.
Would I repurchase? While I like using a serum, it's not something I buy, so probably not.

Aromawakenings Lift & Tone Facial Serum (£18.00*)
I really enjoyed using this serum, it felt lovely on my skin. I'm not sure if it lifted or toned my skin in any way, but I liked the way my skin felt after use which has to be a plus!
Would I recommend? Yes I would, and check out their other bits too, lovely site!!
Would I repurchase? As I mentioned before, serums are not something I usually buy.

Olay Essentials Complete Care Plus Multiradiance Moisturising Lotion (£9.99/Boots)
I bought this as an alternative to my usual CC cream by Olay, and although it didn't have the benefits the CC cream did, I enjoyed using it as an everyday moisturiser. It smoothed into my skin well, smelt lovely and fresh and my skin felt great. My skin has looked really fresh and healthy lately with no breakouts, so thumbs up!!
Would I recommend? Yes, its a great drugstore product at a great price!
Would I repurchase? Yes I would!

Soap & Glory Drama Clean 5in1 Micellar Cleansing Water (£4.80/Boots)
I LOVE my micellar waters and usually use Garnier's but the Soap & Glory one was on offer, cheaper than my usual so I had to give it a try. At first I wasn't a big fan, I couldn't quite get used to the fragrance. I'm used to my cleansing water being unfragranced so the cucumber and peach was quite overwhelming to begin with, but I soon got used to it. As a product, it did what it should. It removed my make up well, and my skin felt fresh and clean afterwards, with no dry patches, tightness or residue, so overall I really liked it.
Would I recommend? Definitely, it's a great cleansing water. If you're not too fussy about the fragrance of your skincare, give it a go. 
Would I repurchase? When it's on offer cheaper than my usual Garner, then yes!

Bath & Body

Ted Baker Sweet Treat 'Mia' Purse Spray (£15.00*/Boots)
I can't explain how amazing this stuff smells! If you have a bit of a sweet tooth like me, you'll love this!! It smells ah-mayzing! A cute little bottle that looks lovely on your dressing table, or fits perfectly in your clutch or bag for quick spritzes, it's absolutely gorgeous!! I just wish it lasted longer! :)
Would you recommend? Yes definitely!
Would you repurchase? Yes!

The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Shimmer Lotion & Shower Gel (£4.00)
I got these in my advent calendar and loved using them over the Christmas period, they made me smell and feel super festive and the glittery finish of the lotion was a nice novelty!
Would you recommend? You'll only find them in the sale now, but if you want them, go snap them up quick and save it for next Christmas!
Would you repurchase? Maybe next Christmas.

Sure Women Compressed Bright Anti-perspirant (£2.10/Boots)
I usually use a roll on, I never liked the idea of spraying aerosol every morning, but when I ran out of deodorant I asked James to bring me some home from work and this is what he came home with. I actually really liked it, no white marks, no waiting for it to dry, and most of all, it works! I really liked using it!
Would you recommend? Yes.
Would you repurchase? Yes.

Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub (£11.50/Boots)
I love this stuff, it's super scrubby and moisturising at the same time! A great product! It contains dead sea salts, coconut, jojoba and sweet almond oil to exfoliate, refine and resurface the texture of the skin and my skin has felt really smooth afterwards. Great product! I got a few of these sachets in a gift set, you get quite a good amount in them which is fab. The full size product comes in a lovely glass kilner jar which would make a great gift!
Would I recommend? Yes, great body scrub!
Would I repurchase? It's quite expensive for a full size product but I may purchase a few sachets again.


Johnson's Baby Bedtime Bubble Bath (£3.95/Boots)
Johnson's Bath products really dried out Bradley's skin as a baby, but thinking it was a one off, I bought some to use with Taylor too, and let's face it, you get tons of Johnson's products as gifts too, but they've actually done the same to Taylor's skin too so I won't be using Johnson's Baby Bath products again unfortunately.
Would I recommend? On my experience alone, no I wouldn't. They've dried out both my boys skin so  it can't be as gentle as they make out.
Would I repurchase? No, I'll be using more gentle products from now on.

Johnson's Baby Nappy Cream (£3.29/Boots)
This however, is a Johnson's product that did work well. Taylor got a little sore in his creases and introducing this cream worked wonders and cleared the redness well. It also protected from any further redness in the nappy area.
Would I recommend? Yes I would.
Would I repurchase? If I'm ever out of nappy cream [which wont be for a while] I'd be happy to pick this one up.


Moroccanoil Repair Shampoo (£16.55/Feel Unique)
I wasn't as impressed with these as I should've been. I thought it was going to be pretty amazing on my hair, but I was disappointed. I couldn't use both the shampoo and conditioner together as the build up was just too much, my hair felt like it had too much product. So I had to use one or the other, with something else. James ended up using this in the end as I just couldn't get on with it.
Would I recommend? Give it a go, it might just be my hair, but I wasn't impressed.
Would I repurchase? Nope.

Have you used any of these products before? 
I'd love to know your thoughts?

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  1. Thanks for the tips...I love soap and glory stuff...their creams are so lush! I'll def. give the cleansing water a go x #triedtested

  2. I've not heard of micellar waters until this last week or so - I think I need to start investigating!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  3. I need to know more about micellar waters too? Sound interesting, my skincare routine is dire....I haven't actually got one. Great reviews x

  4. I adore Soap and Glory, and always enjoy the Body Shop festive fragrances too. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  5. The Ted Baker spray sounds lovely...will check that out when I'm next in Boots! x

  6. Ahh so many great things here. I love the Ted Baker spray!!!! Great recommendations. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Sorry if you had any trouble commenting on my site today as the host is being transferred there are a few glitches to fix. Apologies. #sharewithme

  7. Like the idea of doing an empties round up, good idea & really useful - I've always wanted to try Moroccanoil so interesting to see what you thought of it x

  8. I want to try the S&G Micellar water, I'm using an unfragranced one at present, but actually like my products to smell of something, so will check this out.


  9. So many products that I haven't heard of! The Soap & Glory Drama Clean 5in1 Micellar Cleansing Water sounds like something I need! Will have to keep an eye out for that!

  10. Fab review, I was gifted the Vichy serum and have a competition on the blog for it currently-really felt it brightened my complexion. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  11. That shampoo sounds like a complete waste of money! I was interested to hear your thoughts on Soap and Glory as I have just started using their hand cream and I am really impressed. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo

    1. Oh it was!
      Im a huge S&G fan make sure you check out some of there other bits!

  12. I use a serum and am not sure if it's doing anything either, but have heard good review about it. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  13. Great round up. I love soap and glory so will check out the cleanser. I love the fresh fragrancethey have in the products I have already tried #binkylinky


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