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December Favourites & Update

December has been a lovely month, we had a fab Christmas and I'm almost a bit sad that 2014 has come to an end. It's been such an amazing year!!
Taylor is changing so much and growing so fast!! And Bradley is getting far too big for his boots!
I'm still feeling so happy... life is just fab. 
Work has begun on our new house, so we've been busy buying furniture and bits. I'm dreading packing the house up though, when the time comes!! :)
I work from home and it's been super busy in the run up to Christmas, I was glad to pack up my desk ready for the Christmas break though! Nice to have my evenings back for a while, but looking forward to getting back into it for an exciting year for the company!! :)

My favourites this month then...


Skincare Product of the Month...
Well, I've come to the end of my Soap & Glory Drama Clean 5 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water (£4.80/Boots) and while at first I didn't think I was a fan as the cucumber scent was a bit much, I grew to really like it! It removed my makeup really well and left my skin feeling clean, fresh and comfortable. It's a bit dearer than my usual micellar water [although currently on offer] so I'll probably continue with my usual, but I'll definitely buy again when on offer.

Haircare Product of the Month...
I've gone back to using John Frieda Full Repair Hydrate & Rescue Shampoo (£2.99/Boots) and I can feel the difference straight away!

MakeUp Product of the Month...
I bought Barry M's Eyebrow Kit (£5.99/Superdrug) from The Clothes Show and was really pleasantly surprised, especially since I was looking at more expensive brands. Look out for a full review soon!

Bath/Body Product of the Month...
The frosted cranberry range from The Body Shop smells delish, I love using them over the festive period. I was using the Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel (£2.00) followed by the Frosted Cranberry Shimmer Lotion (£4.00) for a lovely Christmassy smell!

Fragrance of the Month...
I picked up some Flamingo Candles at The ClothesShow and have been burning my Chocolate Orange Christmas Classic Jar Candle (£6.00) since, it's just gorgeous! Not too over powering, it makes my lounge smell yummy!!

Item of Clothing of the Month...
I've been trying to do lots of walking this month as a form of exercise, as it's been hard to squeeze anything else in. But as it's been absolutely freezing, I've been keeping snuggly warm in my Inaya Quilted PU Sleeve Parka (£45.00/Boohoo), it really is super warm!!

Home Product of the Month...
I'm pretty in love with my pink Dyson Animal 2015 Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner (£399.99/Currys) right now! For years we've been buying expensive Vax's that loose their suction after a short while, so we decided to splash out on a Dyson and it's quite possibly the best buy ever!! And it's pink! ;)

Baby Product of the Month...
Taylor was getting pretty bored with his bouncy chair and kick and play piano, and doesn't like being on his back on the floor for long, always wanting to be held upright, we decided to give him his Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo (£79.99/Amazon) early rather than wait until Christmas. And I'm so glad we did! He loves it, and I love that I can leave him in there to get a few jobs done while he's bouncing away and exploring the toys!

Read of the Month...
I'm really interested in baby led weaning and have decided to go down this route with Taylor. So I've been reading a book recommended to me by a few of the Mum's in my Baby group. Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley & Tracey Murket (£7.69/Amazon) is a great read.

Music of the Month...
Let's be honest, December isn't December without some Christmas songs!!

TV of the Month...
I've been a huge fan of Vanderpump Rules (ITV Be), if you haven't seen it, it follows the lives of staff of an LA restaurant ran by 'Real Housewives of..' something or other Lisa Vanderpump. I'm a massive fan of cheesy TV so I loved it. I'm slightly obsessed with Jax Taylor now and gutted the series is over!

Film of the Month...
I've watched a fair few films over the Christmas period. Not gonna lie, I've watched Frozen twice! ;) It's just fab!

Catch up on DECEMBER's blogposts...

All prices correct at time of posting. 
Please note that many of the stated prices are current SALE prices.

What were your favourites last month? 
Happy New Year everyone!!!

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  1. Oh I've been loving Frozen too, love the bit when Anna's dress is frozen, lol :P I'm yet to try the Flamingo candles too, I will do at some point :) So glad your 2014 was great too, I hope 2015 is just as kind to you :) Oh and I didn't know Soap & Glory did micellar water, have you tried Bioderma?

    Georgina #binkylinky
    Mummy Pixie

    1. Isn't it such a fab film!! :)
      Yes definitely try the S&G micellar water!! I haven't tried Bioderma, heard fab things tho. I use the Garnier one usually.

  2. Happy new year! I shall keep an eye out for the Barry M eyebrow review, I love to keep my brows in shape.

  3. We're coming the end of our Frozen obsession! Our girls used to watch it constantly, but thankfully they're almost over it! Don't get me wrong it's a great film, but I've seen it too much! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    1. Haha I can imagine! I have boys, so I haven't been caught up in the obsession. :)

  4. Oh I love how you've done this favorite post! With a favorite in each category and then with your monthly posts all together!
    I'm also happy to see Barry M on your list! I think their make up is highly underrated and have used alot of the line for quite sometime with it being cruelty free :)

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    1. I do like Barry M, I find a lot of their bits quite 'cheap' but they really do have some gems within their collection!!


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