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Premium VS Drugstore Beauty | Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

I decided a while ago that I needed to sacrifice spending a small fortune on my favourite premium branded beauty products, and try some cheaper, drugstore brands. 
New baby, new house... I needed to save some pennies. But I'm just too addicted to my MAC. I'm too quick to go straight to MAC when I need something new. Although I've since found the drugstore aisles to be pretty exciting, and have found some fab little gems amongst them. 

So I'll be posting some comparisons or reviews when I find some fab little beauties among the drugstore brands as part of my Premium VS Drugstore Beauty series.

This post...
I'm trying out a drugstore foundation from the Maybelline stand.

Now, foundation is a tough one. Find me a drugstore foundation better than my favourite premium brands. I'm yet to find one. 

Now, my favourite foundations are MAC Studio Sculpt (£25.00) and Chanel Lift Lumiere (£38.00/Boots)
It was going to be hard to find a foundation as good as these, in my opinion, among the drugstore favourites.

I searched the drugstore aisles and decided on Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin (£8.99/Boots).
Now, the first hurdle was deciding which shade to buy. I know my shade in MAC and Chanel products and can be matched up by one of their MUA's throughout the year to match my skin colour if needed. With drugstore products, it's all guess work. Now I know the best way is to test on my jaw line in the natural light. But I really don't have the time to keep popping outside, with a pushchair, checking foundation shades with my compact mirror!! So I picked up what I thought was the shade closest to my skin colour.

The foundation claims to reduce the appearance of visible effects of stress including bumps, dullness and redness. Sounds good! And if used everyday, it will improve the look of the skin. We like this! It promises to even out skin tone and provide a healthy glow, which is what I love about Studio Sculpt. So on paper, it sounds like a fantastic alternative...

It's safe to say, I cocked up with the shade. Too dark. And this massively affected the product for me. It applied well, gave an even finish and had an average, every day base... But I had to apply powder to attempt to tone down the orange-ness, which meant any healthy glow it had promised, I didn't get the benefit of seeing. And I couldn't build up the coverage as it was far too orange.

When I first started using it, I really liked it. But after a while I noticed more negatives about it, and began to compare it more and more to my usual favourites.
Although it seemed fine for everyday foundation, I felt I was reaching for other highlighting products to help achieve the glowy look I usually get from my usual. And I often felt it looked quite patchy by the end of the day. I have a feeling this was due to the colour.
I wasn't even halfway through the bottle when I ended up purchasing a tube of Studio Sculpt. I started to mix a little with the Maybelline, which gave a lovely finish, helped with the coverage and the colouring. 

For an everyday foundation, maybe for those days I don't have much planned, it's a lovely foundation. Providing you find the right shade, of course! But if you're used to a more high end foundation with high end results, you'll probably struggle with a drugstore alternative, as did I.

I think, as far as makeup goes, your foundation is probably the most important product you'll use, so you'll want the best from it. And in this case, I think I'll be sticking with my premium products!!

Premium 1 Drugstore 0.

Have you found a drugstore foundation as good as a premium brand?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

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  1. I'm in the same boat as you here!!

    I find it difficult to pry myself away from mac studio sculpt but find l'oreal true match to be the next best thing! High coverage and when I'm wanting an extra glow I mix in a touch of mac strobe cream! Hope this helps :)

  2. I have never owned a high end foundation and as I live a million miles from any Mac store I'm a bit dubious to try and match myself online! I have been tempted to see if I could get a match through Chanel, could you tell your Mac match from a Chanel shade? Anyway, the foundation I use is Revlons Colorstay Foundation, they do two depending on your skin type and their shade are very natural no orange tones! :)

    Tasmin -

  3. I love Makeup Forever HD Foundation, but I find Loreal True Match Lumi is really great also. They both do a really great job in covering my blemishes, but I prefer the Loreal true match just because it's very affordable and I literally can't see the difference between the two :D


  4. Sometimes there really is no comparison for the more expensive brands is there? It does sound like a great budget, everyday option though. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. Definitely! But since I've had baby, Im not working every day and there are some days I don't go out or don't go far so wanted a drugstore brand for those days. I shall find one!! ;)

  5. I am a huge mac girl all the way. I have used it for years and I stick to it. Foundation is one I have never found anything as good as my mac but I have recently branched to drugstore bought makeup for everything else. I just seem to not be able to move away from the way Mac is better for my skin all around and since it covers most of my face I use my pennies on it but everything else lately gets bought in various stores along with my groceries. hahah I never thought I would say that. lol Great series. Look forward to it. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  6. I agree with you, I am MAC all the way! I've tried cheaper brands but they just don't match up for me so I have to go back to the favourites. Great post, I will look forward to more - including the drug store wins! Thanks for linking up with Sunday stars x

    1. Im currently using a drugstore one which Im really liking so far, watch this space!!

  7. I think with base go and use the premium ones. You can never beat a MAC & Chanel foundation! Just goes well on your skin. On the youtube videos that I usually watch its always these 2 that are often used! #sharewithme

  8. To be honest I rarely if ever wear makeup. I am extremely pale so any foundations, even in the palest options available always seem way too dark/orange for me! Saying all that I am now finding my skin isn't looking as young and fresh as it used to (five kids will do that to you lol) and have considered buying some makeup recently, but I wouldn't have a clue where to start lol
    Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars x


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