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January Empties & Mini Reviews

Hi guys,

I'm a little late posting this as life has been a bit hectic lately but these are the products I finished during January and what I thought of them...


I swear by this stuff, it is amazing! It's since changed it's branding so looks a little different now. I've got bottles of the stuff. I use it as part of my evening skincare routine and it leaves my skin clear and keeps my skin toned.
Would I recommend? Yes yes yes! Fab product!
Would I repurchase? Over and over!

I don't use face wipes, but I picked these up for my hospital bag for when I had Taylor, and I've used them since for occasions when I've ran out of micellar water, or for makeup mishaps. 
Would I recommend? For cheap face wipes if you're travelling or something, they're perfect, not too dry - great value product!
Would I repurchase? Again, Id definitely buy again if I needed quick makeup removal for occasions such as travelling.

Bath & Body

I got this trial size body butter in my advent calendar, I do love shea butter, a creamy nutty scent that leaves the skin feeling well moisturised.
Would I recommend? Yes, The Body Shop body butter are THE best, and shea butter is a great fragrance, not too over powering, just lovely!
Would I repurchase? Yes.

Again, another from the advent calendar, the shower cream to accompany the body butter. The shower creams are lovely and moisturising, I'm a huge fan of their shower creams!!
Would I recommend? Yes, they're lush!!
Would I repurchase? Always!

This smells AH-MAYZING!!! I can't explain what a gorgeous product this is, it smells so luxurious, BUT this little bottle from my advent calendar let me down, as the product is so thick, it wouldn't come out of the bottle, even when I removed the lid I couldn't get the product out well. And you can see by the bottle, it took some squeezing, and there is still a lot of product in there!
Would I recommend? The full size, most definitely.
Would I repurchase? Yes!


I received this in a gift box with other Humphrey products. It's a super cute range and didn't dry out Taylor's skin too much like other baby products.
Would I recommend? They make really lovely gifts!
Would I repurchase? I'd use this product again, but I'd like to try out some other baby brands to find one really suitable for his dry skin. 

Taylor has dry skin so I purchased this as I remembered using this with Bradley as a baby too. I was expecting it to clear his dry skin so was really disappointed when it actually made it worse! He was left with sore, red blotches all over his body. Bradley uses Taylor's bath water afterwards and he ended up with sore, red blotches all over his bottom afterwards. I was really shocked. 
Would I recommend? This reaction could possibly contain an ingredient that my boys may be allergic to rather than there being something wrong with the product, but that said I still wouldn't recommend you try it incase the same happens.
Would I repurchase? No.


I love a felt tip liner and always pick one up if I see a new one I want to try. This one reminded me of an American brand one I adored, but I was disappointed when it dried up after just a few weeks, as it was a great liner.
Would I repurchase? No, there are better out there that last longer than a few weeks.
Would I recommend? For the fact it dried out so quick, no I wouldn't.

MAC Eye Brows (£13.50)
The perfect brow pencil. It defines, its long lasting, and is self propelling so no need for a sharpener. It's fab. I'm currently on the look for a drugstore dupe, but so far it's still coming out on top!!
Would I recommend? Yes!
Would I repurchase? If I can't find a decent dupe to rival, then yes I'll continue to repurchase.

Aidor Eyebrow Makeup
This was the first eyebrow makeup I ever used. It came with a brush and a selection of stencils. It was fab, didn't smudge and was easy to use. It's had its day now and needs to be thrown out. I can no longer find this brand anywhere other than abroad, so am unsure how much it costs but there are many brands very similar to this one.
Would I recommend? A powder with stencils is probably perfect if you're just starting out with brow make up or aren't confident free handing with a pencil.
Would I recommend? I prefer a pencil nowadays.

I was bought this by a friend and it was soon my favourite go to product for a nude sheen on the lips. A really moisturising lip product with a gorgeous wash of colour, it's a lovely product! Think Baby Lips, these are very similar!
Would I recommend? Yes, they're beautiful to use!
Would I repurchase? Yes! 

Did you get through many products last month?

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  1. I hate when products are too thick to come out of the bottle. I have a small bottle of conditioner in my shower that is doing the same thing. Thanks for the reviews! (found you on Marvelous Mondays)

    1. Isn't it frustrating? So much worse when the product is amazing and you're dying to use it!! :)

  2. I love the Body Shop range, and Argan Oil is amazing stuff! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. Lovely round Lianne. Life does get hectic doesn't it? I have just bought a load of new makeup and skincare products to try out can't wait. Great suggestions. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme


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