Tuesday, 10 March 2015

February Favourites & Update

I get later and later posting these! Life is hectic and I don't get a lot of time to blog, I grab a few minutes when Taylor naps and I'm all on top of the housework! :)
So, February! I turned 31. Oh yes I did. It sucks. But I had a lovely day spent with my boys at TGI Friday's.
Taylor turned 6 months old, which is crazy!! 
Everyone is all good, progress is being made on our new house, it's been a good month!

Lets get on to my favourites this month...


Skincare Product of the Month...
Now I don't know if it's doing anything for my lines, or even lifting my eye area, but my eye cream, Christian Breton Cellular Eye Lift Cream (£35.00/Amazon) [I got mine a lot cheaper from TK Maxx so keep your eyes open], is definitely making the skin around my eyes feel smooth and taut. I love the feel of the skin around my eyes after using this! 

Haircare Product of the Month...
This month it's definitely about Batiste Dry Shampoo!! (£2.99/Boots) Amazing stuff! This and my backcombing comb have been keeping my hair full of volume this month!

MakeUp Product of the Month...
I'm always on the look out for a fab eyeliner, and picked up a Maybelline Line Refine Eye Matic (£4.09/Boots) which I use on my upper and lower lash line and my waterline, it lasts all day, smudges really nicely and it a fab, all round liner. Love it.

Bath/Body Product of the Month...
How lovely is Soap & Glory's Whipped Clean Shower Butter???(£7.00/Boots) - it's really creamy and moisturising and of course smells delish!

Fragrance of the Month...
I LOVE the Ted Baker Sweet Treats Purse Sprays (£15.00/Boots) and I got my hands on the latest one - Lyla, [I'm unsure if this is out in the shops yet] and like the others it's just beautiful. I want to buy them over and over again, they're SO nice!!

Item of Clothing of the Month...
I love my Aster Knit Tee from All Saints (£78.00) it's perfect for this in between weather for Spring with a vest top underneath. It's a loose, thin mesh like knit so perfect for layering.

Home Product of the Month...
I picked up a Comfort Creations Strawberry & Lily Fabric Conditioner (£2.25/Asda)and it smells amazing. Everyone loves the smell of fresh washing when it comes out of the machine, right? For the past 6 months I've been using a sensitive conditioner for Taylor's skin. So after using this one, it smelt especially nice when the clothes came out! :)

Baby Product of the Month...
It has to be Sophie!! We bought a Sophie La Girafe teether (£13.99)just before Christmas and it has slowly become Taylor's best friend. It comes out everyday to play and he will happily sit and chew on Sophie's legs all day to help with those poorly gums.

Read of the Month...
I haven't had time to sit and read anything this month, and the book Bradley and I are reading at the moment is boring me a little [sssh, don't tell him that!]

Music of the Month...
After watching the Backstreet Boys Movie this month, my iTunes has been constantly on shuffle through their albums. Can't beat a bit of BSB!

TV of the Month...
I think the live shows of EastEnders earlier in February were fantastic! Even Tanya calling Ian by his real name was entertaining!! :)

Film of the Month...
The Backstreet Boys movie : Show Em What You're Made Of. It was basically my childhood flashing before my eyes! :)

How was your February?

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  1. I think I need to start thinking about eye creams since I'm pushing 30 (gasp)! Also, I love this little series and will come back to check it out again

    All About You Co-Host (Anna)
    Happy Medley Blog


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