Sunday, 26 April 2015

Project 365 | 2015 | Week 17

A photo a day, every day, for a year.

I think it's a fab way to document my week and look back on my year at the end.

Are you joining me?

Week Seventeen
April 20-26

Day one hundred and ten:
We've been busy opening and reviewing our Babymoov products this week. So far we're very happy with what we've received.

Day one hundred and eleven:
I found this picture on my phone of Taylor smiling, that his big brother had taken. :)

Day one hundred and twelve:
The business I work for got a new logo this week, we're super excited about our website launch coming up soon!

Day one hundred and thirteen:
In the back of Daddy's car on the way into town. Still managed a little smile even though he was feeling a bit poorly.

Day one hundred and fourteen:
Taylor turned 8 months old today, it's just flying by!

Day one hundred and fifteen:
An afternoon at the park with my boys today. :)

Day one hundred and sixteen:
A lil Sunday selfie! :)

How was your week? 

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  1. I love that little cheeky smile in the car seat. Sounds like you have had a lovely week :-)

  2. Lovely that you've had an enjoyable week :-) Lots of happy faces captured :-) #Project365

  3. Love the photo take by his brother. My eldest is always 'stealing' my phone and taking pics....shame most of them are of the TV or dog and theres 30 of them all the same! :)
    Found thoruhg #Project365

    1. Haha I think its why I love the picture so much, knowing he had that big smile for his big brother :)

  4. I remember reading when Taylor was born, that really has flown by! Beautiful boy #project365


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