Saturday, 2 May 2015

Taylor's 8 Month Update

Taylor James' 8 month Update

8 months old. Crazy!! This month has been a full on month, with him learning to crawl and pull up on the furniture all in one week. Now I have to have eyes in the back of my head, as he's all over the place. His toys are now clearly BORING, and all he's interested in is touching things he's not supposed to!! :) He'd much rather pull all the DVDs down and play with those!
He's super fast and goes from one end of the room to the other end before you can say 'Super Baby!' 
He's getting really clever, can say 'Mama', 'Dada' and other sounds, he can clap along to Pat A Cake, and he understands what 'Bottle', 'Juice' and 'Daddy' mean.

I haven't taken him to be weighed this month, but I can only imagine how much he is now!! ;) 

He's in 9-12 months clothing, although his vests are already feeling a little tight, which is frustrating as I went out and bought lots of bodysuits and long sleeved vest for bed recently, and I dont think they're going to last very long at all.

Still loving his food, and pretty much eats everything we do. He is like a human dustbin and will eat anything I put in front of him. Have you read our Baby Led Weaning post?

He's never been a great sleeper, he wakes a lot upset, sometimes he just wants his dummy, but other times he'll stay unsettled and upset until he's taken out for a cuddle. And he's still been having a 4oz feed during the night which I want to get him out of. He's so hard to settle during the night though!! His best nights sleep [and therefore mine...] are when he's in with me, he'll often just sleep right through, and knowing this makes the decision in the middle of the night a little trickier!! ;) I want to get him out of the habit of that too!! We're still not moved in the new house, so he still gets woke a lot as he's in our room, which is really frustrating. I'm hoping he'll sleep a lot better undisturbed in his own room, although I think I'll be setting up camp bed in there some nights! 

Bedtime Routine...
His bedtime routine is still as it's been since he was born, so he knows it well. Although he still screams on the changing mat when I'm getting him dry and in his sleep suit, you'd think he'd be used to it by now :)

Crawling, pulling himself up furniture, moving around the furniture, understanding the meaning of some words, saying 'mama' and 'dada'.

What he's loving this month...
The remote, we have to hide them! We even gave him an old one to play with but he still wants the Sky remote! :) Exploring the environment now he can move around. Dinner time! And Tulli on Baby TV :)

Mummy's post partum body...
I've lost a few lbs this month, and I feel a little slimmer. It's a lot harder than I thought it'd be. I think it's my age too. It fell off in my 20's but now in my 30's it's so much harder to shift. You'd think the amount of time I spend running around, I'd be a size 8 again in no time. No such luck! :)

Mummy's Best Bits...
The best bit this month was definitely when we discovered he could clap along to Pat A Cake. So clever! 

Daddy's Best Bits...
'I love when he says da-da and gets excited when I get home from work.'

Bradley's Best Bits...
'When I see him do new things like when he could hold his own bottle.'

Until next month...

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  1. Hello from the #weekendbloghop. Happy 8-month birthday to Taylor! My boy's name is Tyler and he has that same Campervan T-Shirt from Next, and I literally just wrote a blog post about it yesterday. Freaky!!!
    Sabrina xx

  2. Sorry to hear about the poor sleep, always a nightmare but it won't last forever I! Yay to the crawling/standing/being interested in everything... you're right about the eyes in the back of the head!

    Thanks for linking up with #WhatMyKidDid

  3. Happy 8 months! Lovely update. I hope sleep improves for you soon. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  4. What a clever boy learning so much so quickly! You really do need to be quick once they're on the move, they get into everything haha - always things that aren't toys I find! xx

  5. Such a clever boy and doing so much already, I can't imagine my Taylor doing all of this 4 months from now. Yikes!
    Your house is no longer safe from tiny hands :P Xx

  6. He is absolutely adorable, Emily is 7 months, and she is the same, into absolutely everything, you honestly don't get a minute too yourself. Lovely blog post.
    Steph |

  7. Fab photos, gosh the first months fly by, hang onto every moment! Thank you for linking up to #MyFavouritePost

  8. What a clever boy. You'll get the sleeping thing sorted I'm sure. Thanks so much for linking up with #myfavouritepost


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