Thursday, 7 May 2015

Welcome To My World : A Day in the Life of Me!

If you haven't read my blog before, Hi!
I'm Lianne, a 31 year old WAHM to an almost 11 year old, an 8 month old... And an almost 32 year old ;)

Welcome to my world. 
A typical day in my life. 
This is me, attempting to be a half decent mum, girlfriend, employee, friend, woman, human being... 
Here for you to judge me as you please...

4.40am - Taylor wakes up, like clockwork, refuses to settle so bring him into my bed for snuggles, falls back sleep.

7.00am - Wake up to an elbow in my eye socket and a baby hanging off the edge of the bed. Bradley comes in, lays on the bed with us, nice little moment with my boys before Taylor decides to attempt to throw himself off the bed again, so get up to get his bottle.
Taylor has his bottle in my bed while I lie back and check my personal emails and notifications on social media. Tell Bradley to do his jobs and get himself ready for school.

7.20am - Run a bath. Do Bradley's lunchbox. Remind Bradley to do his jobs and get himself ready for school.

7.30am - Bradley plays with Taylor in the lounge while I have a quick bath. Take a moment to notice how nice the new fake tan I've been trying looks. :) 
Get dressed, no ironing been done so grab yesterdays leggings and a stretchy top from the ironing pile. Lazy attempt at my morning skincare routine but manage a quick cleanse, tone, eye cream and moisturiser.

7.45am - Breakfast. Fruit & Fibre for me [thats my Slimming World Healthy Extra A & B for the day ;)], Weetabix and Satsuma segments for Taylor. Taylor decides that today he prefers to grab the Weetabix from the spoon with his hands rather than take the spoon and feed himself. 

7.50am - Bradley goes to School. I get Taylor cleaned up and then dressed. We've gone for stripey leggings and an I Love Mummy top. He squirms and throws himself around as he wants to get up and play. Takes twice as long as usual.

8.10am - Clean up the highchair and dining table and take breakfast bowls into kitchen. Taylor follows me. Finds Daddy's nose hair trimmer which has been left lying around on the hallway table. Remove nose hair trimmer from Taylor's mouth. Also retrieve £1 coin from his hand which is slowly making it's way towards his mouth, which his brother has also cleverly left on the hallway table. :/

8.15am - Half arsed attempt at make up, getting this 'face done in 5 minutes' malarky down to a T! Manage foundation, quick sweep of skin finish, one eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and a slick of Vaseline on the lips. In this time Taylor has thrown the remote on the floor, sent the batteries flying under the bed, sucked on a lip pencil and practically emptied the contents of my make up drawer. Daddy pretends he's still asleep. Shove hair up in a stretchy hair tie on top of head.

8.20am - Change Taylor's nappy. He has recently decided he hates his legs being held during a nappy change, so he fusses and screams and wiggles around. Foot ends up in poo. Change socks. Full on tantrum. Is it really only half 8!?

8.30am - We find 'diddy and muzzy' [dummy and muslin cloth] and have  Mummy cuddles on the sofa watching Baby TV. He starts to fall asleep. He usually has his morning nap in his cot and this is the only time I get to work on my blog, but he's fallen asleep on me so I take the opportunity to rest with him. This doesn't happen very often I can tell you!! :)

diddy, muzzy and mummy cuddles

9.00am - Wakes up. Daddy gets up for work. Moans he doesn't have a shirt ironed. Take pleasure telling him that I did tell him yesterday that since Taylor has started crawling and refuses to go in his Jumperoo, it isn't safe for me to iron around him and I had planned to do it yesterday on his day off, but he went out for the afternoon and therefore no ironing has been done. So there. ;)

9.15am - Taylor is sat playing with his toys so I take the opportunity to go do the washing up. Taylor of course follows. He pulls the clothes horse on top of him. Twice. All before I've poured the Blackberry and Rhubarb Washing Up Liquid into the bowl! 
Wash the bottles. Put them in the steriliser. Stand on babies hands. Baby cries. Give him a cuddle and an organic banana rice cake to make it all better. ;) 
Start the rest of the washing up. Taylor has found he can open and slam the cupboard door. Manages to open cupboard door and attempts to get out my oven dishes. Replace oven dishes and give him some plastic cups to play with. Back to the washing up. Taylor pulls clothes horse on his head again. Then amuses himself for a while by chatting to his reflection in the washing machine. Starts to alternate between pulling the wet clothes from the washing machine and trying to climb into the washing machine. Cries as he can't get in the washing machine. Give him an Ella's Kitchen organic baby cookie. Back to the washing up. Notice the woman over the back, like clockwork back from the school run and sat in the garden for a cigarette and her first glass of WKD Blue of the day! :/ Washing up done. Taylor has found an opening behind the bin, with a bag of hoover nozzles. Wipe down and anti bac the work tops, fill up the Perfect Prep machine. Remove a piece of Dyson from child's mouth.

9.45am - Hoover. Attempt to fight my way through the moving boxes and half packed bags of clothes in the hallway. We were meant to be moving house after Christmas. The house still isn't ready. But don't get me started on that.:/ Taylor chases and shouts at the hoover. 

10.15am - Enter the bathroom to tidy up after the boys. Put the seat down and anti bac the toilet. Curse the boys for making so much mess! Taylor follows me and pulls half of the contents of the toiletry stand off. 

10.30am - Taylor starts getting grumpy and showing signs of tiredness. Remember that lately he's been having a longer morning nap and since earlier was only 30mins, we grab diddy and muzzy and have cuddles. I rock him off whilst watching a bit of This Morning. He falls sleep so I pop him into his bed.

11.00am - I spend a little time on my blog. I usually have time to post blog links on my social media, read and reply to comments, check emails, link up to some linkys and blog hops and visit some other blogs. If I'm lucky I might get time to write a little, but this is rare. It takes me a good few days to do a blog post nowadays!! :) Text my friend Debbie for a while, she's getting married soon. Very exciting. 

11.20am - Taylor wakes. Nappy change. Another tantrum about having his legs held. Get him some juice [water with a splash of baby juice] and he sits 'playing' [pulling all the DVDs out of the stand and pressing the buttons on Daddy's PlayStation]

11.25am - Contemplate going out to do the Post Office run for work. Wonder if it's about to chuck it down. But then James calls to tell me that a delivery of a sink and a mobile phone is on the way. That's that decision made. Taylor can't quite work out why Daddy's voice is coming from the phone, alternates between looking excited at hearing Daddy, and confused as to where he is.

11.45am - Prepare lunch. Cheese spread sandwich, cucumber, cheese, pork loin, satsuma segments and yoghurt for Taylor. Tomato & Herb Pasta Mug Shot and some pork loin [SW Free] for me. 
While Taylor eats happily and I wait for my Mug Shot to 'stand', I pick up all the DVDs from the floor and clear up the kitchen.
Whilst eating I quickly take the opportunity to check work emails and reply to some customer queries.
Taylor has definitely found his big voice lately and squeals as loud as he can for more food on his tray. Throws his yoghurt covered spoon on the floor after every mouthful, missing the mat under his high chair. Bend down to wipe the yoghurt from my floor. Hit in head with yoghurt covered spoon. 

lunch time

12.00pm - Take delivery for a new sink [for the new house] and a mobile phone [Bradley's birthday present].

12.30pm - James pops home after a doctors appointment. Taylor gets super excited to see him. James leaves to take new sink to new house and back to work.
It's now throwing it down so no chance of Post Office run or any trip out today.

12.45pm - Pop onto Facebook to confirm plans for an upcoming weekend away with ladies in my baby group later this year. Taylor routes through my work boxes which are sat underneath my dining table, which resembles an office. A messy one. Be glad when we move into new house and I have my own cupboard for my work materials. Plastic wallets and ring binds all over the floor.

1.00pm - Taylor and I play on the floor for a while, although he's more interested in pulling himself up the TV stand and wiping his hands all over the TV.

1.30pm - He starts to get tired, so we have cuddles and rock him in my arms whilst watching a bit of telly. He falls sleep so I put him down in his cot. 
Pick up plastic wallets and ring binds. Check work emails and reply to customer queries. Add a spa experience for me to our trip to Butlins with the boys this summer. :) Bit of pampering will be nice! :)

2.00pm - Start some ironing. Manage 10 minutes before Taylor wakes up. He wakes up quite upset with bright red cheeks so give him some Ashtons & Parsons teething powder.

2.15pm - Give Taylor his afternoon bottle. Have a quick nosey at Facebook. Have a look through my friends photos of their recent trip away. They were once my best friends, then I had a baby. :/ Think how amazing they all look. Feel shit about my own body. Vow to squeeze a workout in at some point today.

2.25pm - Taylor manages to find the TV remote, although I'd hid it behind a pillow. He changes the settings on the screen. Have to text James to ask how to change it back.

2.30pm - Do the laundry. Put ironing away. Sort through dry clothes. Empty washing machine onto clothes horse. Fill washing machine with another load. Taylor is climbing up the Hoover.

3.00pm - Nappy change. He doesn't cry this time, instead he shouts and claps, almost as though he's praising himself for being a good boy ;)

3.15pm - Bradley home from school. Taylor super excited to see him. We talk about his day at school. They play for a while and I chat with the ladies in my baby group while we make a few more plans for our weekend away.

3.30pm - Bradley goes to his friends. Taylor and I spend the next hour playing and watching Baby TV. We build and knock down bricks and he screams with delight. Video him and upload it to Facebook to share with friends and family. 

play time

4.30pm - Start to prepare dinner. Taylor follows. Prep veg whilst attempting to steer Taylor away from the hot oven.

5.00pm - Bradley comes home. Ask Bradley to play with Taylor while I finish off and serve the dinner. 

5.15pm - Eat dinner at the table with the boys. Tell Bradley off for sitting with his knees up at the table. We talk more about his day at school. Tell Bradley off for using his fingers. We talk about his poorly knee and I remind him to stop playing football to let it heal. Tell Bradley off for refusing to eat his vegetables. Clear away dinner plates and clean Taylor up.

5.40pm - James comes home from work. Serve his dinner which was keeping warm in the oven. We play with Taylor and talk about his day at work. Bradley goes back out to his friends. Text my friend Rose for a while, she's also getting married, in Barbados!!! So excited for her!!

6.00pm - Take delivery of work supplies. Shove them on the massive pile of work supplies in the corner of my lounge. Moan about them taking over my lounge and not being able to get into anything in the corner anymore. Wish we could hurry up and move so I can put it in my work cupboard.

6.15pm - I run the bath for Taylor. I get everything ready for his bedtime while James baths him. Then I get him dry and ready for bed. Taylor screams on the changing table, like clockwork. Still dont understand why he does this, it's been the same routine since the day he was born. Cuddles and last feed of the day, then zip him in his sleep bag and put him in bed.

6.30pm - Phone call from my sister in law while I set the dining table up for work. Taylor fusses a little but James goes to settles him. Bradley comes home. 

7.00pm - Start work. My job is to design, create and produce resources and paperwork for Early Years settings [preschools, childminders etc] I'm busy making up orders and liaising with customers.

products I'm making up for work 
7.30pm - Taylor starts screaming. James goes to settle him but he's screeching and not calming down so I go to see whats wrong. He's throwing his head back, tensing and screaming out, almost in pain. He won't settle even with Mummy cuddles. He feels clammy and his head feels hot, James fetches Calpol. He's still screaming. I don't think I've seen him act like this before. Eventually I settle him on my bed and he falls back to sleep. James takes over so I can get back to work.

9.00pm - I take a break from work to read with Bradley before bed. We read The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole. Kiss him goodnight. Back to work.

10.30pm - I finish for the night. It's been a productive evenings work, big pile of parcels for the Post Office tomorrow. Remember I forgot to do a work out. Far too tired now.  

11.00pm - Off to bed. Try to be really quiet so not to disturb Taylor. He's still in our room, until we move. Did I mentioned that we've STILL not moved. Half arsed attempt to take off make up with micellar water. So tired. Check emails and social media notifications. SLEEP!!

So, that was my day. How was yours? :)
Please tell me you can relate?? Even a little? ;)

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  1. Wow, what a busy day Lianne. My daughter has already 15 years old, so not to much work here.
    I really concentrate on my blogs and make more and more publicity to my new business, hoping that someone can accept my services. And of course some house chores.

    You go girl! Us women are the ones who can take things forward. :)

  2. so busy - you're amazing! I've often wondered how people manage when they've got kids of very different ages with therefore very different demands #brilliantblogposts

  3. I just adore this post, it felt like reading a little story and wow you get through so much in one day and I thought going to work was bad enough but you do more then I do in an hour. Love the photo's of your little man though..too cute :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

    1. I honestly dont stop. I wonder why the weight doesn't just drop off me lol

  4. Yea I can defiantly relate.
    However, you manage to get allot more done then I do with an active toddler!! Well done you :)
    Hope you sort out the move soon #BrilliantBlogPosts

  5. Wow you seem SO busy!!! Great post!

    thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky over at

  6. I feel tired just reading that! What a busy day! Yes, I can completely relate ... My day consists of get up, pack family and self off to work / school; commute; work like dog; commute; crash in front of telly; pack family off to bed; rinse and repeat! #sharewithme

  7. Wow what a day for you everyday. My goodness you are busy. Way to go girl!!! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    1. Maybe my OH needs to read this and see how much I do!! ;)

  8. I feel tired just reading this! #binkylinky

  9. Wow that was a full packed day! I am not that organised! My boys definitely keep me busy but every chance I get I try to lie down. It also takes days or even weeks for me to write a post. I have so many posts stuck in draft. haha xxx

    1. Ah me too!! My drafts list is getting longer and longer!!

  10. Wow what a busy day you have!! I love that your two boys have such a close bond.
    Popping over from the #BinkyLinky
    Becky xx

    1. Me too, considering there is such a huge age gap! Love how they just adore each other!

  11. Sounds so familiar although you sounds 10 tens busier great post thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  12. This post definitely made me chuckle, (the unironed shirt in particular). Man life is busy with a little one who is into everything isn't it? Lovely post and always great to read about other mummy's days! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays

  13. Great post! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  14. Already read and commented but seemed rude not to pop in :) #MyFavouritePost

  15. You busy girl! Yes I can totally relate! Hope you get a break at some point lovely. Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  16. What a busy day! It never stops for us mums does it! #maternitymondays

  17. He he this really made me chuckle, I can totally relate! Never a dull moment ;-) x

  18. I love reading posts like these. They make me feel a little more normal!


  19. I can certainly relate! My favourite part is that after the day you still realise 'I haven't done a workout' haha. Hats off to you Mumma! I've scheduled my first 'workout' in years this evening! One hours 'break'!

  20. Yes, I recognise this day very well. I think we should send this post to all the Daddy's out there who still aren't sure what we get up to all day. Thanks for linking up with #myfavouritepost

  21. Oh my goodness. How busy is your day? I have never wrote down 'my day' before - if i did i think it would give my OH a shock. Love your choice board. #ToddlersAndTeens

  22. Ah so busy!! I can relate to this, you can't take your eyes off little ones, they are always up to something when you are trying to get things done ;) Great post!! Love the choice board!! x

  23. Isn't it amazing how much us Mum's actually do pre 9am? If I sleep late, my entire day seems to run wrong. I can totally relate to your day!


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