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Getting Eggs into my Toddlers Diet

British Lion Eggs, Eggs, Toddler

I'm pretty lucky that, with us doing Baby Led Weaning, Taylor has been a great eater and eats pretty much anything. But I have noticed that he's not a huge fan of eggs. I've tried him with scrambled eggs and hard boiled eggs lately but it always ends up left on the side of his plate. Possibly the texture?

Eggs are super nutritious. They're a natural source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and egg yolks contain omega-3 fatty acids which are very beneficial and contribute to the maintenance of normal brain and heart function. 
After reading the benefits of Egg Nutrition, I definitely want to try getting more egg into Taylor's diet.

British Lion Eggs, Eggs,

So, I've been looking into some yummy recipes...

I've decided to try some savoury egg muffins. It's super simple and something that Taylor can help me make when he gets a little bigger, and I can mix up the recipe with different toppings each and every time. It's also a great way to sneak a few extra veggies into meals. 

Egg muffins can be made for breakfast, lunch or added to a main meal for dinner, or even just for a little healthy snack on the go. They don't take too long to make and can also be batch made and frozen.


Muffin Tin

British Lion Eggs - The British Lion is the UK's most successful food safety mark with nearly 90% of UK eggs now produced within the Lion scheme

Toppings - grated cheese, cooked meats, veggies etc 

British Lion Eggs, Eggs, Toddler, egg muffins

To start, grease or spray your muffin tin. 

Half fill the tin sections with your toppings; I've gone with  cheese, cooked chicken breast and shredded carrot.

British Lion Eggs, Eggs, Toddler, egg muffins

Then, I beat the eggs in a measuring jug. I used 4 eggs for this 6 section tin. 
You may want to season the eggs but I left it unseasoned, and added it to the toppings. 

Try not to fill the sections right to the top as the muffins will rise during cooking.

British Lion Eggs, Eggs, Toddler, egg muffins

Pop the tin into a pre heated oven at 200c [180 for fan assisted] for approximately 20-25 minutes. I left mine in a little longer until the tops started going a golden brown colour.

Check the egg has set and allow to cool before serving.
Serve straight away or pop them in the fridge / freezer for a later date. They can be warmed up in the microwave when you need them.

British Lion Eggs, Eggs, Toddler, egg muffins

Voila! Yummy, fast egg muffins. I was so pleased, Taylor LOVED them! And Daddy thought they were yummy too!! I'll definitely be making these more often, they're a fantastic way to get egg into my families diet!

British Lion Eggs, Eggs, Toddler, egg muffins

 Do you have any quick, yummy recipes using eggs?

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  1. That sounds amazing! My kids will eat anything if it looks like a muffin :) I'll give this a try! #twinklytuesday

  2. Looks like a very good idea. I make a paste with boiled lentil and mashed eggs with spices like parsley, dill and a spoon of mustard, it's delicious.

  3. I have the same issue with my lo. For some readon she doesn't like eggs. I'm gonna give this one a try. Thanks for sharing! :) #mummymonday

  4. We are obsessed with eggs in our house, mainly because they are quick and easy and I am quite lazy! My son's favourite is Lazy Eggs Brunch, where you line a muffin tin with a slice of ham and crack an egg into it.

  5. This is great! We eat a lot of eggs but this is a new way of getting our 2yr old to eat eggs. Thanks :)


  6. Great recipe, thanks so much! I am pinning this on to my recipes board. My girls are a bit funny about eggs too and I think you're right that it's the texture. They like them soft boiled but hat scrambled or poached! Becky x #bestandworst

  7. Theres a good quiche recipe in the blw cookbook. My daughter used to be funny with eggs - thankfully she's a bit better now - but she would eat that from 6 months. Definitely going to try this recipe though! #MMWBH

  8. I LOVE eggs...have one everyday for breakfast and I'm lucky my daughter has inherited this love too. But this recipe looks yummy - must try to mix it up a bit. Thanks so much for sharing with #bestandworst and see you again x

  9. We all love eggs and use them a lot but that looks a really fun way to serve them to toddlers and like you say - they can help making too. Thanks for sharing #sharewithme

    1. Yes, looking forward to being able to make them with him :)

  10. I'd eat those never mind your little one! #sharewithme

  11. These look delicious! Can't wait to try them! Thanks for linking to #toddlerapprovedtuesday this week x

  12. thank you for linking up with #anythinggoes, These savory egg muffins looks absolutely fantastic and I will 100% be trying them. I will be trying them for my little boy too. They look so super easy to make. x

    1. Let me know if you try them, Id love to know what you think!!

  13. Those look and sound delicious. MM loves eggs no matter how they are made boiled, scrambled, omelettes but these would be a great hit with her too. Your little one looks pleased. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  14. ooh these look and sound so good. Little J does like eggs so that is a bonus. He loves scrambled egg the best

  15. Mmmm these look delicious I think I will try them this week :) thanks for linking up to #WhatIMade


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