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Get a Good Nights Sleep with a Mulberry Silk-Filled Pillow : Review

mulberry silk filled pillow, silk bedding direct, review

It's so important to get a good nights sleep so you're refreshed for the busy day ahead. It's the little things that make the big difference, like a good comfy pillow!

When I was contacted about receiving a Mulberry Silk-Filled Pillow, I was interested to see [...or rather to 'feel'] how it would differ to a regular pillow.

The Mulberry Silk-Filled Pillow (£155.00*) from SilkBedding Direct are filled with nothing but luxurious 100% natural and hypoallergenic long-strand mulberry silk. The pillow casing itself is a deluxe 300 thread count fine cotton sateen, which is soft to the touch, durable and long lasting.

mulberry silk filled pillow, silk bedding direct, review

It arrived in a fab little carry case and when I took it out I could immediately feel it was definitely good quality. 
The pillow is medium firmness which is perfect for me. I always seem to find pillows that are much too soft or too firm.

It's quite heavy and I can feel the silk inside.

I've now been sleeping on the pillow for a couple of weeks and I can honestly say, I LOVE IT!
It's so comfortable and bouncy and I've slept beautifully on it!
It doesn't fall out of shape unlike many other pillows can and looks and feels so soft.

mulberry silk filled pillow, silk bedding direct, review

Each pillow contains up to a kilometre of long-strand mulberry silk, used in their natural state directly from their silk cocoons.
The 100% natural and untreated silk is rich in amino acids and protein sericin - great for the hair and skin, which is a great benefit. So I really am getting my beauty sleep! ;)

Apparently bed bugs and the likes cannot live in Mulberry Silk, so you can rest assured that your pillow is clean as well as hypoallergenic. 

mulberry silk filled pillow, silk bedding direct, review

I'd love to be able to let you feel just how luxurious and soft the pillow is to touch, it's honestly the nicest pillow I've ever slept on and it's most definitely staying on MY side!! :)

If you'd like to try one for yourself, treat yourself using a 5% discount, by entering SLEEPWELL at the checkout.

As well as pillows, SilkBedding Direct also do duvets and mattress toppers, promising you won't be disappointed! I think if I had the duvet and topper too, I'd never want to get out of bed!! ;)

mulberry silk filled pillow, silk bedding direct, review

What do you look for in a good pillow?

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*Product sent to me for honest review


  1. Having woken this morning to The-Mother-of-all-headaches, and painfully aware of how awful my current pillows are I might have to invest in one of these. Mind you, I'll have to save first...£155.00 is a lot more than I'd usually spend on a pillow. Going to show hubs your post though...I have Fibromyalgia (a pain disorder) and would love (after reading your review) to give one of these a go.

  2. Oh my God, I am practically asleep reading this. Not because your post is boring (it really isn't) but because the description of the pillow sounds so luxurious I just want to go to bed.

  3. sounds comfortable, most of my pillows look like they have been under a steamroller twice. I like the idea of being bed bug fre

  4. Wow £155.00 is a lot more than I'd usually spend on a pillow!

  5. Oh this sounds just heavenly, my old goose down ones have seen better days. Off to check them out

  6. They sound brilliant! I have back and neck issues, so I really get a good pillow to help x

  7. Sounds amazing, I like that the bedbugs can't live there. Sounds totally luxury, a bit too expensive for me. But sounds amazing.
    Amanda #kcacol

  8. These sound awesome! I'm a total sucker for pillows, I have a collection of nine on my bed at the moment. OH has one that is as flat as a pancake - and refuses to replace it! :) #anythingoes

  9. Sometimes it's worth spending money on a good night's sleep. After all we spend a lot of time in bed and if you are like me you really value your sleep. Thanks for the review #TwinklyTuesday

  10. Awww so envious! I need a good pillow so bad. #anythingoes

  11. Have to have a good pillow, makes all the difference. This pillow sounds so luxurious! #twinklytuesday xx

  12. Wow this sounds amazing!! I want one. And the duvet. And the topper ha ha :) #fartglitter

  13. Wow that's one luxury pillow! I have a lot of problems with sleeping at the moment though so I'd happily spend it if I thought I'd be able to sleep properly as a result!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

  14. This pillow sounds luxury! I love a new pillow. Thanks for linking up with #justanotherlinky xx

  15. I'd love to have a night sleep with these. They sound incredible! I love a good pillow! #KCACOLS

  16. Sounds amazing but goodness me, my entire bedding set costs less than that. Maybe one day when I'm rich and famous.

    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter x

  17. These sound fab! Although I don't know if I would justify paying that much!! But sounds great!
    Thanks for linking up with #justanotherlinky

  18. Wow that pillow sounds like a dream!! I would love to have one for myself!! But it is a little bit expensive!! :-( Apart from that it is all great!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I hope you can leave a comment to the person that linked up before you! That would be really nice!! :-) xx

    1. I agree :)
      Did I not?? OMG so sorry I must've got caught up in something else!!!

  19. I love the idea that no bed bugs can live in this pillow. No need to worry about whats crawling close to your head whilst sleeping. Thanks for linking up with #anythinggoes Blogging Mummy


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