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Salad... All Year Round?

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To me, Salad means Summer. It means healthy eating. It's a side of healthiness to accompany an otherwise hearty meal.

But it doesn't have to be. 
A Salad can be enjoyed as a nutritious, hearty but healthy meal every single day of the year (...except Christmas of course!!

Florette Salad have joined forces with Harry Eastwood's cookery book 'A Salad for all Seasons' to show how Salad can be eaten all year round.

salad, food, salad all year round

Harry's book is split into seasonal sections; exciting, vibrant recipes for Spring & Summer, and hearty, nourishing options for Autumn & Winter.

It's great for when you don't have much time to cook, a Salad is the perfect fast food, just throw in the leftovers from the fridge and you have a fresh, delicious, healthy meal in just a few minutes!!

The book is super easy to follow, with gorgeous pictures, calorie info and easy swaps and tips!

So, it's Winter. 
Let's make a stilton, pear and walnut salad.
Harry describes it as a 'leftovers salad' so it's perfect for after Christmas when you're sick of the sight of turkey and you've eaten your body weight in pudding and chocolates!!

In the book she titles it as a Stilton and Apple Salad, with a tip of swapping for pears, which I've done.

salad, food, cookery book

It took me just minutes to make, just toss some dark mixed leaves into a dressing of honey, olive oil and salt & pepper then crumble some stilton cheese before adding walnuts and slices or cubes of pear. Simple.

It was actually really yummy. I was worried it wouldn't be very filling but it was a really quick and easy lunch that was really delicious. The cheese and pear made it really tasty.

The crunchiness of the walnuts, combined with the sharpness of the cheese and sweetness of the pear make the recipe really exciting compared with the usual boring Salads I'm used to. I could definitely get used to eating more Salads throughout the year.

florette salad, salad all year round



What do you think? 
Do you eat Salad's all year round? 
What are your favourite recipes?

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  1. Pear and walnut salad is one of my favourite salads, I usually chuck some stilton on as well x

  2. This book looks great. Will have to get it as yes would definetley want to eat salads all year around but like you they scream summer to me. The Stilton, pear and walnut sounds right up my street x

  3. I struggle to eat salad when it's not warm (Summer!) but those dishes look delicious x

  4. mmmm this looks lovely. I love crunchy salads. I've never 'got' stilton though. Maybe I should try it again ;)

    1. I love a crunchy salad usually too. I just crumbled some stilton onto this and it was lovely!!

  5. These looks amazing, I really want to start eating more salads and this looks amazing. I need to have a closer look and get more inspiration

  6. I'm trying to eat better all year round. A good way for me to eat healthy in the winter is to make soups with all sorts of veggies. Thanks for the salad tips! #anythinggoes

  7. It is for all year round I think, but I often eat it at lunchtimes in the winter because I like a hearty, hot meal in the evening.

  8. I really need to eat more salad, this looks lovely. Kaz x

  9. That sounds tasty, I did thing Salads were just for the summer but I may have to have a look at this book! Sounds like it's got some great recipes and tips. ;)

  10. This sounds good, I've just started a bit of a health kick (trying to beat the new years resolutions haha!) so this was good timing :) #binkylinky

  11. I have this book! It's great isn't it! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  12. I love pear and walnut salad great post thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  13. I eat salad all year round. My most fav is rocket, green peppers, walnuts crushed up and toms cut up really tiny!! Thanks for linking up to #anythinggoes


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