Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Our November Update

This month, I...
had a fab evening out with some local bloggers, read about it here
caught up with some good friends
has had a busy, productive month with work
have become addicted to Pretty Little Liars
enjoyed some family time seeing the Christmas lights

This month, James...
has had a few nights out with friends
has spent lots of time at work ;)
is enjoying the new series of Heroes 
is super proud of how well Leicester City FC are doing in the Premiership this season

This month, Bradley...
is beginning to struggle a little with 'growing up' :(
had lots of sleepovers at friends houses
has changed the routine of when he goes to his Dads house
was blessed with a new baby sister

This month, Taylor...
has learnt to 'sign' thank you
has started going to playgroup with Mummy
is obsessed with Gigglebiz & Teletubbies
has learnt lots more new words
has had a poorly cough and cold
cut some back teeth
had a little play date his little friend Harper
enjoyed baking some biscuits & lots of new messy activities with Mummy

How was your month?

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  1. Aw you and hubby sound like you have had some fun this month, which is always needed. Hope your little ones get better and settle. I bet they are getting very excited this month. Such a lovely time. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you again x

  2. Sounds like a productive month with some nice things going on :) glad you had a good time meeting other bloggers! #bestandworst

  3. I was also addicted to PLL and I watched it every episode in just a few months, oops x

  4. Wow it sounds like a great month. I have heard so much about pretty little liars, it's on my watch list!

  5. Aww what a lovely month. My daughter is obsessed with GiggleBiz and Tellytummies (as she calls them) too =)

  6. Thank you for sharing. Love the baby signing progress! We love baby signing! #happydiaries

  7. To be honest I'm glad November is over - it was sooo busy! #happydiaries

  8. what a productive and interesting month! Thanks for sharing :-) #abitofeverything

  9. That's one busy month! I'm not sure what happened to November. I meant to start sharing a monthly round up myself but before I could get round to it Decemeber had arrived. Maybe I'll start this month :) #happydiaries

  10. There is nothing like a night out sans kids as it really helps you let your hair done - We have a couple planned this month and we cannot wait

  11. Love this - I am going to do monthly round up posts in the New Year. I was addicted to PLL too thanks to my daughter! Have you discovered who A is yet? Kaz x

  12. what a lovely way to capture your family highlights from the month #theList

  13. Ohh is that paint roller thing one of the ones that comes with a tray of different colours that you can do all sorts of crazy patterns with? I'd love a go with one of those. Looks like you've all been busy. Thanks for joining up with #FridayPhoneDump, be sure to return next time :)

  14. Sounds like a busy time, I hope Bradley starts to feel better about growing up soon, it's tough to accept that you're getting older!xx #FridayPhoneDump

  15. Fab week and those cocktails look fantastic! Popping over from #fridayphonedump

  16. Sounds like a great month all round. I have never watched Pretty Little Liars but heard good things.

  17. So sweet! Sounds like a lovely month x #fridayphonedump

  18. Sounds like you have had a really busy month. Love this way of giving a family update. Can't wait to see Decembers

  19. What a busy month, such a great way to look back and see how the month has gone, hope December is good for you all. Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

  20. What a lovely update. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  21. Sounds like it was a great month for you all! I like the way you divided the update by each person's achievements. #Happydiaries


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