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The Body Shop's Exclusive Launch of 'Drops of Youth'

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Skincare

This weekend I was invited to a bloggers only Exclusive Launch at The Body Shop for their new 'Drops of Youth' products. 

I've been a fan of The Body Shop since I was back at school. My PE bag wasn't complete without my Dewberry Body Spray and my bathroom was full of little bottles of Ananya shower gel, complete with the little green labels. :)
I've used their products ever since and they've just got better and better. Their body butters are unbeatable and their skin care range is great, with something for everyone, and with a reasonable price tag too.

I'm a big fan of their Vitamin E skincare and use this regularly, it makes my skin feel amazing.

The Body Shop, Skincare

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Skincare

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Skincare

Their latest launch includes new additions to their 'Drops of Youth' skincare range. 
They've added a new day-to-night skincare routine to this youth-enhancing range, offering you a daily dose of more youthful looking skin.

Myself and my local blogger friends were met by the staff at the Leicester, Clock Tower store to introduce us to the new range. 

Being over 30, my skin is beginning to show it's age, with a few fine lines here and there, so skincare is pretty important to me and I was super excited to hear all about them!

The staff were absolutely lovely; all smiles, very friendly, approachable and most importantly, you could see just how passionate they were about the brand.

They told us about the new products and gave us a chance to have a little look for ourselves and take a few photos whilst enjoying some light refreshments which they'd kindly set out for us. 

We were then shown a demonstration of the products on one of the lovely ladies, while being told all about each one in turn, how best to apply them and in which order, for the best results.

We also had the opportunity to have our own skin consultation on our faces or hands, to try out the products for ourselves. 
The products had a lovely, fresh scent and my skin felt lovely and smooth afterwards.

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Skincare

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Skincare

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Skincare

There are currently 6 products in the 'Drops of Youth' range;

A gel-to-water liquid to be used as the first step after cleansing, to prepare skin for the next steps. Infused with 3 plant stem cells, it feels lovely on the skin, very smooth and not at all sticky, which I originally thought it may do.

A skin enhancing liquid containing almost 100% natural ingredients that instantly smoothes and moisturises, tightening pores and smoothing fine lines.

With a cooling roller-ball pump applicator, this concentrate, enriched with edelweiss plant stem cells, refreshes the eye contour and helps smooth the appearance of lines, bags and tired eyes.

The star of the show, 'a velvety air-whipped moisturising cream to leave skin smoother, more supple and refined with a youthful-looking bounce'. Also infused with 3 plant stem cells, this moisturiser sinks into the skin beautifully. 

A lightweight 'blurring' primer, to smooth fine lines and pores for a smooth, flawless finish before the application of makeup.

With a unique, bouncy, memory shape texture, this night cream, with it's youth-enhancing edelweiss stem cells formula, leaves skin looking bouncier and more replenished after a good night's sleep.

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Skincare

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Skincare

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Skincare

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Skincare

The Body Shop, Drops of Youth, Skincare

I had a fantastic time being introduced to the products by the staff at The Body Shop, they put on a great event and were full of information and happily answered any questions I had.

Huge thank you to them for inviting me, and for the lovely gift bag full of fab little samples to try out for myself.

I've been using the samples of the Concentrate & Youth Cream for the past couple of days and it feels lovely on my skin, I can't stop touching it after I've applied it. It dries super quick, so I could apply my make up straight away and my skin feels smooth and supple to the touch. I'm definitely going back for some full size goodies come pay day!! I'm really interested in trying out the Eye Concentrate too! 

The Body Shop

Visit for more information on the Drops of Youth range and much more.

Have you found a fantastic skincare range recently?

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  1. Great post Lianne. The eye concentrate is definitely on my shopping list!

  2. I used to love the Dewberry range too. I like the sound of this new product range and I'll check it out next time I get the chance.

  3. Aah the good old days of Dewberry and Coconut Body Oil! Love the Body Shop. It may be time for me to admit that my skin could do with a little help to reduce the savages of age!

  4. I think I need to give this a try. A drop of youth would do me a world of good after having two kids!

  5. I absolutely adore Body Shop and this sounds as fab as all the rest of their products.

  6. I love blurring primers - they're amazing! Been a long time since I've been to the Body Shop, but I'll go anywhere that's offering youth in a bottle! ;) #bestandworst

  7. I do love Body Shop stuff, and these sound great like all of their other stuff. I need to take a trip to my local shop and treat myself

  8. I love The Body Shop and this new range sounds fab! I love their teatree range. It does wonders for my skin.

  9. i haven't been in the body shop for years - I used to love their stuff! Must check it out

  10. I love Body Shop products - this looks great, I will keep an eye out for them, Kaz x

  11. I was a big fan of The Body Shop in my teens and I have recently rediscovered them! Not sure why I stopped shopping there, I still love the products.

  12. Ohh I do like the body shop, I will keep my eyes open for them in my local store. Thanks for linking up! #bestandworst


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