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GelMoment One Step Gel Polish : Review

gelmoment, gel polish, nails, review

Nowadays, getting the time to do my nails is rare. Which is a shame as I love my nails done and used to do them every single week. 
I was recently approached to test and review a brand new at-home gel polish system. I own a similar one but it's often far too fussy to use and much quicker to just paint them. Maybe I'm just a bit impatient... ;) In any case, I was looking forward to trying this one out to see if it was any easier to use.

GelMoment offers a 'DIY One-Step Gel Polish Application' allowing you to quickly and easily apply the product, with no need for base coat or top coat and cured in just 60 seconds under the LED lamp, in the comfort of your own home with no need for a professional manicurist. 

GelMoment are in fact a direct sales company, only recently launching in the UK.

gelmoment, gel polish, nails, review

So, let's see what I received...

First up we have a LED Curing Lamp (£19.50). They are available in 5 different colours, mine is a bright, funky pink! It's quite small, only allowing 2 fingers to cure at one time. With an easy access button on top to activate the light, the lamp will turn itself off once finished. I like how small it is, so easy to travel with, perfect for weekends away or taking to a friends before a night out etc.

We also have a Soft Foam Toe Separator (£1.05) for keeping toes firmly and comfortably apart when applying product, this is a must for me as my toes often over lap slightly and I sometimes end up with polish on my skin.

Then we have a Mini Nail File & Buffer (£1.05) with a rough side to shape nail tips and a spongy buffer side to smooth the surface of the nails ready for application. 

Next up there are a few sachets of Gel Polish Cleanser (£4.30 for 50) which will ensure the nails are clean, dry and prepped ready for application. And Gel Polish Remover (£9.36 for 100), a revolutionary product for easy removal of gel polish.

Finally, I received a couple of the Polishes in Lavender Ice and Satin Princess. The polishes come in a variety of colours and are £19.50 each.

I own a similar at-home gel polish kit, but always found it too fussy and messy and only used it a hand full of times, so I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was to use.

gelmoment, gel polish, nails, review

I live reviewed the kit on my Snap Chat, so my Snap Chat followers got a live, honest review as I tried it for the very first time. I thought it was a great idea and may do more live reviews in the future. You can follow my Snaps by adding me at Lianne.1984.

I filed the tips of my nails and buffed them using the file, then wiped them down using the cleansing wipes then applied a thin layer of the gel polish to one hand, it applied really nicely, and using the LED lamp, I cured them 2 nails at a time. Simply clicking the button on the top, the lamp cured the nails in just 60 seconds, switching itself off after the 60 seconds. 

My nails were completely dry and cured, and only needed one coat.
It took about 5 minutes each hand, which was super quick!

gelmoment, gel polish, nails, review

I was really pleased with how they turned out, for an at-home kit it has the look and feel of a professional gel overlay and was really simple and easy to use. 
I'll definitely continue to use this and may look into purchasing more colours.

It has the ease of your average nail polish application, with the staying power of gel polish. The LED lamp is a great size so fits into your nail collection without taking up too much space, plus is easily popped into your vanity case for travel. It doesn't take much fuss at all, which is a big plus for me and is why I found this so much better to use than my other at-home kit.

Keep an eye out on my Snap Chat for regular updates on how they are lasting and when I remove the gels with the gel removal sachet.

What do you think?

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*Product gifted for honest review
Many thanks to Ally of GelMoment


  1. I've had my Gelmoments kit for 3 weeks now. Dead chuffed with it & removal is quick & easy. So far I'm rating it 5 star.

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  3. This looks fab, I love the finish with the gel polish! x #friyaylinky

  4. Useful review! I have just had my acrylics took off after having them done every 3 weeks for years so I was thinking about getting a gel nail kit for home as an alternative so I don't have to paint my nails as often! #BinkyLinky

  5. Your nails look fab and the kit is reasonably priced too!

  6. Oooh your nails look gorgeous and I'm really surprised at how cheap the kit was! That's awesome! I really need to spend some time on my nails, they're a state! X

  7. Looks lovely. I always used to paint my nails and make them look nice, but I just don't find the time now. Although my four year old girls love me to paint their nails! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  8. This looks like a great product. I like the size and the portability. Does it run on batteries or mains?

  9. I really need to take better care of my nails. This kit looks awesome and very reasonably priced too!

  10. Great review Thanks for linking to the #binkylinky

  11. This looks great! I have been using the Sensationail kit for about 2 years and I love it but this would be ideal for me now as it looks even quicker! I will pop over and have a look at it :)

  12. Ohh this sounds good, I love how shiny gel nails look. Popping over from the #binkylinky

  13. Oooh I am liking the sound of this! Thanks so much for linking up to the #MadMidWeek Linky! x

  14. I used to love doing my nails but rarely have the time. This sounds like a great kit! Thanks for sharing your review on #PoCoLo

  15. How long did the colour last? How do you remove it? X


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