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Life of a Toddler : If my 18 month old had Twitter

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A day in the life of an 18 month old. 
I always wonder what life is like through the eyes of my little boy. What is he thinking?

Let's have a bit of fun...
Imagine if my 18 month old had Twitter...

5.45am - Wake up and can't find my diddy. Shout for my diddy, find it and fall back to sleep. 

7.00am - Wake up & shout Mummy. She comes in with a big smile, must be because I didn't wake her in the night #winning

7.10am - Watch Milkshake with Mummy in bed for a bit. But I get bored so look out the window to see if I can find some trees. 

7.20am - Still bored so head into Mummy's dressing room to see what I can touch. #SheHatesThis

7.25am - Bradley's making Mummy cross by not getting ready for school. She says he'll miss his bus if he doesn't stop messing. #SillyBabby

7.30am - Get dressed. Rockin some denim look joggers & a red stripy top. Argue with Mummy about what socks to wear. #MyFeetMyRules

7.45am - Mummy leaves me in my room while she gets dressed & 'puts cream on her face' or something. Hate when she leaves me. 

8.00am - Mummy tries to brush my teeth but I just want to suck the toothpaste and bite the brush. 

8.10am - Finally she lets me go downstairs! #FreeAtLast

Cheeeeeeese!! #LetMeTakeASelfie #HappyFace

8.15am - Eating my coco pops & apple slices while mummy cleans the kitchen & moves some clothes from the hanging thing into a pile. 

8.30am - Ask Mummy for Mr Tumble. Mummy has this special button on the remote that has lots of episodes of 'Mumble' just for me. 

9.45am - Off to see my mates at the Library Stay & Play. #OutOut 

11.30am - Been playing with all the toys at Stay & Play, then got to choose a new book to take home. 

12.00pm - Having lunch at home with Mummy. #GetInMyBelly

Lunch Time! #YumYum
12.10pm - She took my spoon away, how am I meant to eat my apple slices without a spoon? Scream until she gives it back #Fuming

1.00pm - Nap time! #TiredMuch 

3.00pm - Wow, my teeth hurt so much when I woke from my nap. Mummy said my cheeks were bright red! #Ouch 

3.15pm - Playing play dough. Mummy tries to get some jobs done. Is she having a laugh? I want her to play play dough with me!! #TimeForATantrumIThink

3.30pm - Mummy said the dishwasher is blocked. There's water everywhere. She seems cross. I think it's great to splash! 

4.00pm - Bradleys home! YESS!!! #BigBrotherTime 

4.30pm - Mummy made the yummiest dinner! Isn't it boring using a fork and spoon? So much easier with my fingers!

5.00pm - Super excited that my Daddy is home from work! 

5.30pm - Can't understand why Daddy won't share his dinner with me! #SelfishMuch

6.00pm - Chillin' in my tent with my bricks. #YoLo!

6.10pm - Mummy takes my nappy off and says if I need a wee-wee to sit on the potty. The potty is boring though. I don't fancy it today, maybe tomorrow. 

6.20pm - If anyone wants me, I'll be watching In The Night Garden! #IgglePiggleRules

In The Night Garden Time 
6.45pm - Mummy let me have bubbles in the bath tonight. GET IN! Mummy & Daddy got cross that I tipped water out all over the floor though. Oops!

7.00pm - Finally in bed, so exhausting being a toddler! #NightNight

It'd go something like that, right? ;)

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  1. I absolutely loved this, such an entertaining read! The hashtags are so on point!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

  2. Oh Lianne I was giggling to myself all the way through this. Brilliant! xx

  3. Haha! This is brilliant, for some reason #YOLO makes me laugh every time i see it! He sounds like my 19 month old, hard work! But bags of fun :)

    Thank you so much for linking up to #FriYAYLinky

  4. This all sounds very similar to my 19 month old, although there would be quite a lot of spoon-throwing and food-refusing with mine! #FriYAY

  5. This was so fun and yet so spot on! Thanks for my daily dose of chuckles!!

  6. This is so funny!!
    Thank you for linking up with #justanotherlinky

  7. It sounds quite exhausting being 18 months old to me!

  8. Haha love this! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx


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