Saturday, 2 April 2016

My Dream Office

I work from home, plus I write a blog. So I spend a lot of time at the computer. And you'd think I'd have a lovely space to work from, a nice little office area to close myself off from the busy household and concentrate, right?

Nope, my 'office area' is my lap, my bed, the sofa... 
But I would love a little office! is an American based company offering a huge range of unique gifts and home decor accessories, beautifully designed by emerging artists. Set up by Dave Bolotsky following a vision to provide a platform for artists and designers and create an online marketplace. Over half of their products are made by hand and a lot of their collection incorporates recycled or up cycled materials. 

They have some beautiful pieces that would look amazing in 'My Dream Office'.

Untitled #11

I love cute wall art such as the quote canvas above. Uncommon Goods have an extensive range of art. I love how cute this 'Love Carries All' print is! You can find more here.

wall art, home, office, uncommon goods

I've always wanted one of those hanging chairs, or a hammock, in the corner of a room. Somewhere to relax when taking a break from work, or sit with the laptop when I've had enough being stuck at a desk. Wouldn't this luxurious hand woven hammock from Thailand look absolutely amazing in 'My Dream Office'? Check out more of their unique furniture here.

hammock, home, office, uncommon goods

I would have floating shelves and picture frame shelves, with photos, prints and books, busying up my walls. These bicycle bookends, hand created by Eric Goss, are super quirky! Discover more unique bookends here.

bookends, office, home, uncommon goods

Keeping things comfortable in a home office is important, so I'd make sure there were plenty of pillows.
The personalised pillow below allows you to choose from images of men, women, children and pets to create your own little family. You can find more personalised gifts here.

pillow, office, home, uncommon goods

What would you have in your Dream Office?

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  1. Oh I would love my own office at home. I took work from home and at the moment I have a foldaway computer desk in the kitchen/dining room which is lovely as I can look out of the window at the world going by but I have my eye on the kids playroom as they spend more and more time in their bedrooms. I would love one wall to be a London skyline line, I'm thinking black and white with hints of bright colours and LOTS of storage!!!!

  2. I'm the same as you - I work from home and my office is my lap. I must get a desk really! Love the items you have picked, and oh to have a hammock in my lounge!

  3. I'd love my own little cute office! It's very difficult to work at uni in the same room that you sleep and relax in. One day!


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