Monday, 24 October 2016

15 Things That Make Me Happy

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1.  Being able to work from home and be with my little boy 
    - I know I'm super lucky to be able to do this, he is growing up so fast and it makes me so happy that I'm there to see every new thing he does.

2. Family time 
    - it's pretty rare that we get to spend time as the 4 of us, so it's special when we do.

3. Cheesy TV 
    - catching up on my favourite shows; think TOWIE & The Kardashians.

4. A text 
   - there is something about knowing someone is thinking about you. A simple text asking how I am makes me happy.

5. A good makeup day 
    - self explanatory right? And when someone compliments my brows. That's a whole new level of happy!

6. A PR email 
   - I'm talking one with my name spelt correctly, showing they've had a good look at my blog and chosen to work with me as they think I'm ace. That kinda email ;)

7. A good book 
    - it's not often I get much time to myself, it's usually late at night in bed I wind down with my book and for a little while I'm in a totally different world.

8. Date nights with my Mr 
    - unfortunately we don't get much time together currently, we're like ships in the night, he works all day, I work in the evenings, so on the rare evening we get to spend time together, I love simple nights in with food, a movie and an early night. The kind of nights most couple probably take for granted. 

9. Great lighting
    - I know you know EXACTLY what I mean! If you need me I'll just be taking a few selfies, or slaying that flat lay. Or possibly both.

10. Amazing skincare
      - the kind of happiness I feel when I find great skincare that makes my skin look and feel good... yaaaaaas!!

11. The gold Snapchat filter 
      - RIP

12. Buying new makeup 
      - this makes me hella happy!

13. When my toddler sleeps all night and wakes later than 6am 
       - I cannot remember the last time this happened but pretty sure I'd feel a lil happiness if it did!

14. Pizza
      - make mine a Hawaiian. Treat days are the reason for my happiness. And the reason I don't have a thigh gap...

15. Feeling successful 
     - success means something different to everyone, reaching goals I set for myself makes me all kinda of happy.

What makes YOU happy?
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  1. Also love spending time as the four of us - and see that receding as the kids grow older. Plus a date night would be lovely!

  2. We always make time for family time, but we hardly ever find time for date night! I'm the same about a good eyebrow day... always cheers me up.

  3. Yes to the toddler sleeping all night........i would love that

    1. Haha I cant complain too much but he always wakes at least once, then starts to wake from 5am every morning!! :(

  4. Great post, I'm pretty much the same, these all make me happy too! Especially pizza ;O)

  5. Agree with all of these! Fab happy list! Thank you for joining in #HappyDaysLinky xx

  6. I love your positive outlook! I love TOWIE too, have you been watching the San Faiers programme? Thanks for linking up to #HappyDaysLinky

  7. I loved this post but you missed one important element.. me! :D

    Hope this helps to pick you up after a not so great day, it's a lovely list.



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