Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Have you ever thought about Laser Skin Tightening?

The older we get, the more our skin shows physical signs of ageing. Personally, it really affects my self confidence, seeing my face slowly ageing. I'm fortunate that I don't look my age, I look relatively younger at the moment, but I'm starting to see my skin ageing, particularly around my eyes.
While it's natural for our bodies to age and produce a less youthful look, isn't easy to accept. Nor do we have to. 

I'm always on the look out for amazing skincare products that will help. But there are other options to explore. Have you heard of laser skin tightening? 

With laser skin tightening, the skin can be treated to look and feel younger. 

What does Laser Skin Tightening do? 
Laser skin tightening works by targeting the skin cells deep in the skin to promote collagen production and to cause the skin to contract. In doing so, the skin becomes tighter and new collagen growth fills in the thin areas of skin. The result is smoother, more radiant looking skin. 

Is Laser Skin Tightening Safe? 
Laser skin tightening is a non-invasive procedure, making it far safer than surgical methods. It has little to no downtime, meaning there is no long-term recovery. The mild side effects last normally no more than a few hours. 

Do I need to do anything prior to a laser treatment? 
There are several things you can do to prepare for a laser treatment. Start with preventing further damage to your skin from the sun by avoiding too much sun for a few weeks. That includes tanning beds and the beach. Wear protective clothing, including hats, and a strong sunscreen. Also be careful of the creams and lotions you normally might use. Avoid anything with retinoids or acids in them as well. Skin should be free of any products (oils, sunscreen, lotion, makeup, etc) on the day of treatment. If you have used cosmetic laser treatments before, then you know that taking care of your skin is vital to getting the best out of the treatment. 

What are the steps of Laser Treatment? 
When you first arrive at the clinic, the skin is cleansed with an antibacterial cleansing product to disinfect the treatment area. Next, a topical anaesthetic is applied to the area to be treated. Finally, a certified technician employs the laser skin tightener, targeting the deeper layers of skin with brief pulses of light. The practitioner will make several passes over the area for the best results. 
It is not uncommon for patients to have mild skin reddening and a slight burning sensation afterwards. Even so, you can return to work the same day. 

Care after the Laser Treatment 
To get optimal results from your laser treatment, there are certain steps you should take at home. 
* Cool the skin down with ice packs to soothe any burning sensations. 
* Never rub or itch the treated area. 
* No sun exposure for a few months. If you cannot avoid it, wear protective clothing or a good sunscreen. 
* Drink extra fluids to keep the skin moist. 
* Never pull off or itch any scabs in the treated area. 
* Don't use anything on your skin without clearing it with the clinic, especially products containing acid or retinoids, as they may cause harm. 

What can I expect for results? 
Results vary with treatments depending on the condition of the skin prior to treatment, the age of the skin, how well the patient cared for the skin afterwards, and more. There should be mild results noticeable immediately, but the final results will take a while since the skin will continue to produce collagen and improve long after the procedure.

What do you think?
Is Laser Skin Tightening something for you?

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