Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Have you heard of Self-Warehousing?

Many of us have so much stuff in our lives that it is hard to know where to keep it all. For some, it is a matter of filling up a box room or perhaps a garage to such an extent that everything might be in one place, but it is nearly impossible to reach. For anyone who keeps items for work, as well as personal belongings, in such a manner storage can be a real headache. 

A friend of mine was recently moving house and dealing with the whole 'sold our house, still waiting for the owners of our new house to move on' dilemma and was struggling to work out where to store all their belongings in the meantime. 

Someone told them about self-warehousing.
Self-warehousing your items can bring real benefits – and not simply because you gain a greater capacity for storage. 

With conventional warehouse components, such as pallet racking, the availability of storage shoots up. Not only does a pallet system of shelving allow you to utilise the upward space in your storage facility to a greater extent, but it allows you to store bulkier items more effectively. Instead of having all of the heavy things you own shoved on to the floor, with lighter items often placed on top, with a pallet rack the system is balanced and you can reach heavy boxes on the bottom racks without having to lift of items stored above. Remember pallet racks are not just for high industrial units with a need for specialist lifting equipment, like forklift trucks, for instance. They can be fitted into most stock rooms, garages and even larger sheds. 

Another great thing about adopting a pallet rack style storage systems is that you create aisles. This means you can see and get to all of the things you have much more clearly. If you ever forget where you have stored something or forget about an object entirely until you have a big clear out, pallet racking is for you because it will help you to keep track of all of your belongings so much more easily. Different companies offer Pallet racking services, one of the leading company is warehouse Storage Solutions if you have to install pallet racking, try WSSL’s Pallet Racking Solutions, They offer wide range of pallet Racking Solutions all over UK. 

You don't need to stock checks as such, but with pallet racking, it is much easier to create an inventory of what you own by simply being able to see everything in one go. This is great for working out how much you ought to be paying out for contents insurance. Finally, pallet racking is a modular system. This means that you can have as much, or as little, of it as you need without the whole system being finalised in any way. Need to add some more storage capacity? Simply add another rack. Need to create more floor space or widen an aisle? Simply shift your racking over to a wall or dismantle it temporarily. If you need a degree of flexibility with your storage at home or 
for your business, then there is certainly a great deal you can learn from the professional warehouse industry without needing to become an expert in palletised racking systems.

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