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September Beauty Favourites

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It's time to share my most favourite products of the month with you. I have a mixture of makeup, bath/body and skincare for you this month...

Merumaya, makeup removal, beauty, skincare

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm (£16.50*)

I received this cleansing balm in my East Mids Bloggers Event goody bag. If you read my blog often you'll know I'm a huge fan of my micellar water, but when it ran out a couple of weeks ago I thought I'd give this a go.

Using a double cleansing method, the balm removes makeup on the first use and cleans the skin on the second. My makeup is pretty hard to budge so I was impressed when this stuff removed it well!

Lush, bath, bath/body

Lush 'Never Mind The Ballistic' Bath Bomb (£4.25)

I picked this one up at the Christmas preview [keep your eyes peeled for a blog post on this soon] as I loved the colours; bright yellow & pink, and the fact it is half coated in bath melt, which makes your bath water and skin really soft. If you follow me on Snapchat you will have seen me talking about this and showing it fizzing in the bath.

I rarely get time for a relaxing bath, I only really get time for a quick shower nowadays but when I treat myself to a relaxing candlelit bath, I like to go all out with a bath bomb or something special. This smelt amazing, a mixture of fruity and sweet. The bath was full of frothy pink and yellow swirls, so pretty! And the best thing of all, I loved the fact that it didn't make the bath filthy afterwards!

NYX, primer, beauty, makeup

NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer (£10.00/Boots)

I was doing my best friends wedding makeup [NO PRESSURE!] so it was important for me to use products that would work well with photography, so no SPF, which most of my primers contained. So I was on the hunt for a decent primer and came across this by NYX.

It was perfect, makeup lasted all day long with no need for touch ups! It covered lines and pores and quickly went to the top of my list of favourite primers.

makeup, beauty, makeup revolution, palette

Makeup Revolution 'Flawless' Eyeshadow Palette (£8.00/Superdrug)

I'm a fan of a lot of MUR products, for a budget brand, some of their pieces are little treasures! I raved about their Beyond Flawless palette here. I often reach for these palettes over my high end brand palettes, I just find them really easy to use, really creamy and blendable with next to no fallout.

My bestie had this one and I used it a couple of times on myself and had to go out and purchase one for myself as I just fell in love with the Autumn colours. This palette could easily be the only one I use over the Autumn period!

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Scrub Love Mint Temptation Coffee Body Scrub (£12.95*)
Yes, coffee! If you follow my Snapchat, you will have seen me do a live review of this! First of all can we discuss how cute the packaging is? It comes in this super cute spotty pouch and contains roast organic coffee which is said to be nature's finest exfoliator. This mint version contains peppermint oil, tree tree oil, dead sea salt, argan oil and aloe vera! Can we get any better skin lovin' ingredients? 
Now I won't lie, it makes a bit of a mess of my bathroom and the upstairs of my house smells of coffee for days afterwards but if you can see past that, it is really fun to use and makes my skin feel amazing afterwards. I suffer from keratosis pilaris and this stuff really helps even out any redness, so it's a big coffee stained thumbs up from me!! 

What products have you been loving lately?

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  1. The Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette looks gorgeous, love the shades and for that price, it is definitely a winner!


  2. Some great products and I will definitely be looking out for the primer, I need something to cover my lines :) x

  3. How well does the cleansing balm deal with your eyes/sensitivities around there parts? I'm a bit funny putting anything on my eyes, so always wake up with raccoon eyes from the mascara of the days gone...

    1. It works pretty well on the eyes, I prefer a micellar water personally, but this still worked well!

  4. I love Lush bath bombs, need to try this one now

  5. I reviewed this scrub on my blog and oh my...I love it. It smells INCREDIBLE and would be perfect to use if you had the cold.

  6. What a great selection of beauty goodies! I need to go shopping x

  7. Oh that eyeshadow palette is so gorgeous, the colours are so pretty x


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