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Choosing the Perfect Winter Coat

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Purchasing a winter coat can be hard work. I mean, do you go for comfort over fashion? Is it worth splashing out on a pricey number, or will you be bored of it by next Winter? Let's face it ladies, the struggle is real here!

Some say a Winter coat is one of the biggest, most important expenses of the season. On a recent consultant with a fashion expert, I learnt that spending a lot of money on a Winter coat is a great investment and will last you for years to come, and save you money in the long run.

But maybe you prefer to purchase cheaper coats every few years, depending on how your taste changes?

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Personally I prefer to purchase a few different coats for the Winter season. I like a good, bulky parka style coat, like the one above from Boohoo, to keep me warm during the coldest days, and a long, stylish waterfall type coat for evenings out or just when it's a little milder and I want to look a little more elegant! I actually have the exact Megan McKenna Miss Pap coat above left, but in black.

The first thing to work out is where you're going to wear your coat. Will it be for work? For long walks with the dog? I've found a little something for everyone, whatever your taste...

winter coats, fashion, miss pap

If it's a fashion statement you're trying to make, a faux fur coat like this rose one, above left from Miss Pap is just perfect for evenings out or special occasions. It looks so cosy and warm, I wouldn't want to take it off!

A military style coat is a great versatile coat,  even in this khaki colour above, it looks smart enough to wear from day to night. It can be dressed up with a woolly hat and chunky scarf when it's really cold, or just to cover you up when it's a bit chilly as we move through Winter into Spring, and looks great with jeans, smart trousers or a skirt and boots. 

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I love this grey coat with the wrap collar from Zara. It looks really stylish as well as practical, with it's big side pockets, invisible fastening and chunky collar. Perfect for Winter walks with the family, with lots of pocket space for the kids bits and bobs, as well as evening drinks with the girls.

Or maybe you're on the hunt for a warm jacket you can throw on when you're just nipping out in the car, or as we move into Spring. This quilted bomber jacket, above right, from ASOS is super cute.

And what about colour? I usually stick with black or grey as I know it'll go with anything. But maybe you like a bit of colour in your life? A pop of colour brightens up any dull, Winter's day. I love the royal blue and pink coats from David Nieper, below.

winter coats, fashion, David Nieper

British fashion house, David Nieper have a range of jackets and coats to suit any taste and occasion this Winter. From exclusive occasion jackets in the finest luxury fabrics to casual coats combining classic styling with effortless comfort.

So which one is your favourite? 
What do you look for in a Winter coat?

In collaboration with David Nieper



  1. Coat number 1 is my favorite hands down! Number 6 is a close second!

  2. I tend to almost always go for black but I never really opt for a huge one as I don't always feel the cold as much x

  3. I like to have a few different coats as well, one for everyday use and one for dressier occasions. I like the khaki military style and the grey one from Zara x

  4. I love your picks, when I'm looking for a winter coat, it's comfort all the way for me x

  5. I find it hard as i want one that is warm, waterproof and a nice design. However often the wool or trench ones i like most. Fab selection!x

  6. I go through so many Winter coats. I usually get a Parka, a Bomber and a Trench coat to see me through x

  7. You can't beat a good winter coat. I love a nice warm fur one (faux of course) x

  8. I've not bought a new winter coat for a couple of years. I can never find the perfect one. Luckily all my coats have lasted but I think this year will be their last year. From these I'd pick the parka or the grey funnel / wrap collar

  9. These are some nice chic coats and I can see most of them working as transitional jackets for spring now.

  10. Omg I seriously LOVE all of these!! I think my favorites are the pink and grey. So fab!!

  11. I'm terrible for coats, I can never choose or afford to get more than one so I end up just layering up with a bunch of jumpers instead. Out of these though I really like the Boohoo parka, I forget about looking at boohoo for coats!

  12. I like to have a few options. I'd spend more on an elegant one to wear for evenings out, as it will last forever. And of course I need one for days in the park with kids. Something warm and dark, so you can't see all the mud stains.
    I really like the grey zara coat. I like to combine a high collar with a scarf to keep my neck warm. Otherwise I am constantly hiding my head in my shoulders, to the point where it becomes painful.

  13. I tend to buy a new winter coat every year as my tastes and colours change. I do love that rose faux fur from Miss Pap, a perfect evening out kind of coat!

  14. All the coats are stylish but I particularly like the khaki military style one.

  15. My everyday coat is similar to the second one, I do need a new coat which is a little more dressy though x

  16. I definitely prefer comfort over fashionable. If I am going to be bundled up, I want to be comfy. I like the gray Zara coat. It looks comfy.

  17. I need a new coat but I feel like winter is going past so quick. It's not been mega cold yet! x

  18. I love coat number 1 a lot. I like stylish and comfy coats.

  19. These all look like amazing coats, cosy winter coats are the best

  20. I love a classic camel coat, I don't think you can go wrong.

  21. I love getting new coats! I'm after a new one so going to look into getting the first one, it's gorgeous! X

  22. I am the worst when it comes to buying a coat, I just don't seem to like the way any look on me. At the moment I've got a black jacket and I wear a fur gilet over the top

  23. I love the Miss Pap coat, it's gorgeous! I actually bought myself a quilted long leather jacket with a fur collar this year as my main coat and I have my trusty parker that I just live in most of the time as it's big and comfy... I can also wear loads of layers under it haha! xx


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